Nothing sticks in my throat so much, as Hypocrisy.  Exactly that, such hypocrisy we have all been reading about, since the stories broke about Harvey Weinstein. Today we have to read about Kate Winslet and all the garbage she has come out with, where were these people when they hid the truth of Weinstein.  Take…Read more »


Lies, lies and damn lies when will people tell the truth   They don’t care the effect their lies or as they may see them untruths or what they will say are “just misunderstandings” will have on the person who receives them   Worry, upset tears and pondering all the time asking and asking of…Read more »


Time, Time watch the hands of the clock move on each hour, each minute each second   Life is so precious how we live it is up to us we can waste it and regret it   But time marches on once young and looking forward so much time ahead so many dissappointments of time…Read more »


Love is so blind you don’t even know you are being used Love is so blind   Love is so blind you let yourself do everything you know you should not Love is so blind   Love is so blind you believe the lies that he loves you when the truth is he does not…Read more »


From my window I can see all those Dreams lined up for me   Which one to choose will it be what I want hold back hold back and don’t touch   Dreams are just that but sometimes they are more they keep us alive they keep us holding on   From my window I…Read more »