Tell me you love me every morning as you wake even if you whisper it please tell me that you love me   I won’t ask for those words any other time of time of day not even when we make love I’ll wait for morning kisses when you say “I Love You”   Tell…Read more »


The smell of freshly cut grass the spring flowers swaying in the breeze the look of Spring feels good to be alive   Sunshine like Beverly Hills no time to sit and enjoy maybe a walk later get those old legs moving   Basket on kitchen floor imagine it filled with flowers flowers and Pussy…Read more »


“It’s time to go home” he said as he made his way back to his little home his comfort his place of joy   It had been a long night Edward had been working hard his feet tired his nose cold time for home and to rest   He saw the giants who lived in…Read more »


Don’t look back it won’t work if you do walk away now while you have the chance   Words of advice you have been told by friends too often but why listen   Why listen indeed should I turn should I run back if there’s a chance   A chance to make it work this…Read more »


She looked up as she did every night she would wait and wait fighting any sleep   Then when the Sky was at its darkest she would go to her usual place and look up   There he was always there in the same spot bright, gleaming   Just for her he was there and…Read more »


There are few that one feels you can trust in life.  To know that a sibling has stolen from you, stolen what was your right, is hard to take but there is little you can do to rectify that situation, but you trust that it will be the last time.  A Legacy, a verbal legacy…Read more »