tàirneach / thunder

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I washed you out with bitter words i washed myself out with it. spat me out down the drain where I’m sitting still. watching waiting for the change to come to feel again to leave undone to stop the hammer in my head that keeps reverberating through each…


Your shadow in the mirror as you walk from me I lay here pretending to sleep but I’m not asleep   I watch as you leave as you quietly shut the door looking back as you do are there tears in your eyes I cannot see but only you know   You walk the long…Read more »


Looking down upon the shimmering sparkling water that I love   Here above with Sea Birds flying high higher higher they soar   To the Heavens where Peace is found where Love is abound   Yet I love to look from here above to the shimmering waters that I sailed and loved   Peace at last…Read more »

Adore Me.

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Adore Me tell me you want more of me…hold hands with me make plans with me.Walk Tall with me fall in love with me. grow with me really get to know me. enjoy me don’t toy with me..build with me learn how to heal with me. and I will do the…

Helms Bakery

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The?Helms Bakery?in?Culver City, California?was a notable industrial bakery of?Southern California?that operated from 1931 to 1969. HistoryEdit Early historyEdit In 1926,?Paul Helms?of New York took an early retirement for health reasons and moved his family to Southern California and its mild climate. Helms started construction on a…