You lay there asleep your arms around me I watch the movements of your face its like you are asking why your eyes tighten from time to time as though you’re remembering not good things not happy times but sadness I stroke your forehead you are hot I feel your baby soft cheeks and parted…Read more »


Bodies together warm to the touch your strong chest where I lay my head your arms around me where I melt into your flesh holding me tight keeping me safe don’t let this end our lips on each other just us warm bodies the smell the feel the touch of each other lets close the…Read more »


Times change adapt or go under the UK’s Left and Europe is left to wonder what is left to plunder   Across the Water the cracks of thunder as Trump’s arrival is deemed a blunder but I, myself deem it a wonder     This is just pure magic  –  two Men who have changed…Read more »


When does our love start together it starts Now there is no tomorrow or next week or next year it starts NOW         Loved the film, and the song even more, hope you enjoy it.   (Thanks to Domen Kosi)


When I walked away not saying “Yes, I will stay” I turned to look to you and the look on your face told me “don’t go” I had made a massive mistake all these hours down the years don’t you know how much I regret it three letters one word “Yes” its all I had…Read more »


A Lifetime of work a lifetime of thoughts and love and long hours and soon to be gone not preserved as all should be but the ugly smell the ugly feel of money matters more Blood sold to survive roads trod for years years of little sleep lonely Towns and Cities years of work and…Read more »


The arrow thou dost fire from hearth to heart the red flame that pierces so sharp the Heart the flame that burns within dost thou know what pain is caused or even care the pain that lingers from day to day from month to month and year to year when  will the flame be put…Read more »