What am I doing here why have I taken this shocked you could say that and indeed I was   Never before and hopefully never again would a man strike me would I suffer a backhander   Did it hurt yes indeed it did and within hours I was bruised my nose was cut and…Read more »


As everyday goes by, and today is no exception, I wonder am I living in England, am I?  What the hell is wrong with everyone, has Theresa May been exposed to  Russia’s Nerve Agent.  If not someone has told her “yer got be wit it bro”. Dear God can we please return to some normality…Read more »

Grey Headed Flying Fox

Originally posted on Paol Soren:
In a bend in the Yarra River is a large park. In that park there is a colony of Grey Headed Flying Foxes (Pteropus poliocephalus). Even with my trusty new camera I was not able to get the exact shot I wanted so I have borrowed this one from Mr Helpful…


On March 4 in Salisbury in England, as the World knows by now a former Russian Military Intelligence Colonel who became an Agent for MI6 was with his Daughter, I believe in a restaurant,  later they became violently ill.  A Policeman (there are some good ones) came to their aid, he too soon became violently…Read more »


Don’t weep for me for I am happy in my new home at peace at last and free from pain   I loved you and always will I look at you and feel so proud   No sad eulogies just those words I asked for just the music I requested   Remember good times not…Read more »