Is it possible for people, our age young in the mind older in body which we hate to admit simple question can we fall in love again?   Why do the years go by so fast when we think they will last yet we blink and they are gone we wasted the years we’d fall…Read more »


My head on the pillow you are nearer than the Sky is to the Earth than the Stars are for me to touch   As you lay here close to me the smell of your body the feel of your skin   You are nearer to me right now here on the pillow than the…Read more »


She holds her baby tightly safe in her arms the baby looks to be fed away from danger safe from guns   Here at last the mother could have her baby and know that they could be happy only kind faces here   So Mama Ape is safe and baby Kiko is here living in…Read more »


February sunshine but freezing cold turn the heating up its up as high as it will go   Valentines Day and the rain appears freezing cold shivering to the bones   Thinking of Love not me well just a little aren’t we all   Love comes in every form for that special man or woman…Read more »


My youngest Son did the shopping for me Friday, and came home with not only a lot of goodies but a bag full of toys for our dog, now its not as though she is short of toys, they are everywhere.  These toys were something else, most came from a well known card shop and…Read more »

1940s Women’s Fashion Trend

Originally posted on Miss Back In The Day USA:
Featured image: pinterest 1940’s fashion – Womens Dress Code in the War Years by Glamourdaze 1940s Clothing – Women’s Dress and Style– Now see the lavishly illustrated concise history of 1940s women fashion !! Top 1940’s Women’s Fashion and Dress Posts. The Easy Guide to 1940s…