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Hold it together, folks.  There’s more to unite us than to divide us.  We are being herded into to different camps and divided for political gain.  Whether you’re on the right, or on the left, we still laugh together, we still drink together and we still live together. …


Come fly with me and we shall see the land where Snow Birds live   High and higher we must fly and land so softly on the snow   There can you see on the rocks the Snow bird and her chicks   Hand in hand we shall walk sinking in the snow   There…Read more »


Where you fly blue sky opens up clouds of powder puff white enclose the sun yet higher and higher you soar you devour all you see high and higher to God you will be   You turn you spin you fly along downwards it seems then you soar once more   The sky you are…Read more »

Free Hand #54 (Future?)

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Stressed out and overwhelmed with everything happening this year… ? What are we to do when the room goes dark? When blood runs? When hate reigns? What are we to do as the light fades? Drums of war beating in the distance getting louder. We die like our fathers-fathers,…


If I could make one wish come true surely it must be to share my time with you   So keep on wishing and who knows maybe one day I’ll be with you                     Henry Mancini –  “Two For The Road”, –  music from the film…Read more »


When is love not love when you fool yourself that you are in love when really just an escape   When is love not love when you finally realize they were your means of escape but became entrapment                                  …Read more »

Midnight Lullabies

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When I open my eyes, The sky opens with them and the vacuum fills me, Emptying me… When I walk on the ground, The ground molds to feet, Sowing me… When I think of the past, The past welcomes me, Locking me in… When I look to at the…