Whilst there are those that are still gushing over this ludicrously, expensive,  gordy Royal wedding that took place on Saturday.  I wonder how many Londoners, let alone British People have given any thoughts to the events that took place three quarters of a mile away from Buckingham Place on May 22, 2013. Instead of the…Read more »


If only I had listened to advice given not with malice but with love   It stayed within my mind that advice once given but my immaturity I did not listen   How many times did I regret those words of yours said kindly as a Friend a Friend who meant so much to me…Read more »


  Sweet words of love he doth speak amidst the green fields with the high hills above and the lush valley below   He pledged his love no words she spoke her sweet face said all he wanted to know   On this Summers day in England’s green fields he did lift his sweet loves…Read more »