Hooray, Hooray its taken a long time but finally I’m here in my back Garden   May not seem much to you but to me its a massive move I won’t bore you with the details but after more than an year maybe even two years I’m finally here   My back Garden at last…Read more »

Cringe Factor

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Real wealth is about good health of mind emotions body and spirit and balancing these with aplomb It’s about our strong inner resilience Its owning our quirks while celebrating our talents Connecting in meaningful ways and contributing to our community Poverty can be extreme but for most of us it might…


I gave you my Heart so long ago I hold yours in my hands and in my Heart   I think of you and ache my Heart my body they all long for you   Here in this life and the life to come I’ll still love you and treasure you though we are apart…Read more »


Cleaning Silver polish it well how it shines makes the job worthwhile   Summer Sun Summer heat sweltering in this makes me want to make Love   Cool breezes through white curtains Sea breezes blow two bodies lay there entwined in Love   No words to speak just lips and tongues and soft hands that…Read more »


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In order to lessen my carbon footprint and because I really love trees I recycle paper, stamps and envelopes Print out on the blank side of letters make pictures from my stamps write list on the envelopes What are you doing to recycle paper, clothes or anything Reuse or give to…


Tell me that you Love me as we lay beneath the Redwoods and let the World just pass   Can’t we always be together as constant as the Sea the soil that lays beneath us solid as you and me   This World moves far too fast and no longer as it was people far…Read more »