Those so called Government and Opposition  Politicians and in particular that most unpopular Mayor of London Sadiq Khan have absolutely NO RIGHT to have prevented the President of The United States Donald Trump from coming to Great Britain. It is with deep regret that I learnt this afternoon that President Donald Trump has decided Not…Read more »


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from my waist down both my feet my legs are so that its next to……..its with a prayer and hope I speak these words in a whisper From the crown of my head across both shoulders down both arms numb in my left hand I’m shark bait,I haven’t said anything…


I swallowed my pride and still made love to you was I a fool, is that what you thought or just too much in love   Looking into your eyes I could see the truth as much as I hated facing it I never betrayed you not once   Your eyes lit up when you…Read more »


    Love me tonight I’ll love you with all my passion and I’ll stay by your side for as long as you want just please I beg don’t turn your back on me again as you have     Ennio Morricone    –    Love Songs       (his music is so magical)