My youngest Son has just purchased for me a “Smartphone”, that word alone terrifies me.  I am just about getting used to using a computer let alone this “Smartphone”.  David tried to explain it all to me and said “play around with it,you can’t break it, just play with it and you will get used to it”.  Just looking at it frightens me, there is so much information on it I honestly do not think I will be able to get used to it.

Born 1949 I am not of the new technology era, it comes so easy to my Sons but for me I just go blank when I am confronted with all these new things.  Having just got used to a basic mobile phone which I was given to keep in touch with home when I go on my visits to London, how on earth can I cope with this “Smartphone”.  My youngest Son gave me my own computer for my Bedroom but once it went off I had no idea how to put it on so I prefer to use my Son’s PC that’s switched on all the time.  Mind you when something does go wrong and that is quite often because I end up doing something wrong and I can then be heard shouting for HELP.

Life was so much simpler all those years ago but of course one has to be honest and say if the computer was not  here now I certainly would miss it, for me the World has opened up.  I have met some really lovely people I would miss terribly.  In fact I am becoming obsessed with the computer, as soon as I come down in the morning the first thing I do is look at my emails.  I seem to spend so much time on the computer.  David tells me I can have the “smartphone” in the kitchen with me and look at my emails there, that’s if I ever get used to this “SMARTPHONE”, the one looking at it I doubt is very smart!!


15 thoughts on “Smartphone

  1. Well, I’ve had my smartphone for three weeks now and so far I don’t like it. I wanted it for the camera, but I’m not steady enough to get a good picture with it. Seems like the only thing I’m using it for is to text someone now and then. I can read my email and my blog, but I’ll be darn if I’d ever do more than a three or four word answer to anything from it. So Good luck, my friend! You have my sympathy! 😀

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    1. It is my favourite Poet and Singer for over 40 years. It is the late Rod McKuen, America’s most underrated and much maligned Poet. Rod was awarded countless Awards broke all records with his Sales of his Poetry books Albums but continues in death to be vilified. One of the most gentle of men, a sweet Soul. Rod was a great admirer of James Kavanaugh and Walt Whitman, their work I admire too.

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      1. Nice tribute to one you admired so much, glad I asked! Will have to look up his work as I have not herd of him – what is the controversy about? He has a delightful gentle face.

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  2. Rod was a sweet gentle soul, yes he did have a gentle face. A great man, deserved to be treated better than he was. Jealousy is a terrible thing and that is why Rod was so vilified, even in death they cannot stop. Poets do not make money and Rod became a Millionaire, he worked for it. He was the most widely read Poet of his time, 63+ Gold Records, 1500 songs written, 100+ record sales, 63 million copies of his books sold, he had Award after Award. Rod should have been Poet Laureate but snubbed. Please do read about him. His Poetry was Honest and that was made fun of. Two books if you can find them “Finding my Father”, it is so touching, the other book “Alone” make sure you have the tissues ready. When Rod was 11 he ran away from home, born Oakland California April 29,1933 (I remember the date the same date as my late Husband) died January 2015 – he took any job going its all so fascinating.

    I have all his books, and I have a large selection of books from his personal Library, have several of his Gold Records and Awards, other personal items but the one I treasure the most is his beautiful Wooden Chest. If it had not been for Rod I would not have started writing and many a fan can say that, he was always there when we needed him most. I would love to hear your response if you manage to obtain the books or one of them.

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      1. Thanks for taking the time to look Rod McKuen up, when convenient for you I hope you will read some of his work. Try James Kavanaugh as well (former Catholic Priest, left the Church to Marry then Divorced, interesting life), his Poetry is beautiful too. Take care,

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  3. Just read this again … I told a lie, we are of a similar vintage but you are my senior.
    Someone wanted to buy me a smartphone and I protested loudly – my black and white Nokia is nearly ten years old and has survived many drops on the concrete floor when I lived in India! So why replace something that still works? Think I might need to retrain at uni for a new one when this does die … but only takes me 20 mins to recharge and only do that once a week! Doubt you could do that with a s—phone.

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    1. I can take very good pictures with mine, and I read my emails but so far that is all I can do – I keep making excuses not to do more. My Youngest Son also bought me at Christmas a HP Pavilion X2 Detachable laptop I assume it is called, I have done a few things on it but need to learn it fully. I prefer to use my youngest Sons Internet “big stuff” I call it.

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