It just gets harder and harder

as each day

and week goes by

cleaning the house

not a job

I can say I now enjoy


Once upon a time

I looked forward

to all the work

I had to do

keeping my home

nice and clean and sparkly too


But as the years roll by

and the older we get

pain settles in

and the cleaning

well, we forget


My hoover is just out

the long stairs I have done

wow, that took so long

feather dusters to hand

this is going to have to do

not too much more

I cry inside


What a life

some of us women

have ended up with we cry

was this what we expected

when we said “yes”

no doubt it is I suspect


Well all the work

nearly done

that will last another week

I hope that will do

coffee to hand, sit back and enjoy

finding it hard

not to fall asleep as I do


Dream of a gorgeous man

that takes you in his arms

and tells you

“my Darling the cleaning I’ll do”




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