Do you remember my Love

when we first met

the day we decided to be together

for as long as life said


Do you recall our first home

that little room

at the top of the house

our large bed

one chair and orange boxes

was all we had


Yet perhaps that is

where we were the happiest

hold my hand my love

for I shall always be here


The first time we made love

me the virgin you too you said

you were so gentle

I did not know what to expect


How we made love

as much as we could

rushing home through the snow

for love to make in our bed

we kept warm in each others love


Then the Children came along

happy we all were in that house

that you had built

the business you had started

gave us such wealth


How the years quickly rolled along

soon the Grandchildren

played here

as their Father’s

had done before


Now we are all here

and take turns to hold your hands

as you lay in our bed

memories running

through my head

of our love

and all we said


Goodnight my love

as I kiss you lips

soon I will be with you

don’t let the wait be long

we cannot be parted for that long





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