Clearing the past

was the task

making sure

that I did

as much as I could


It will take me days

or even weeks

to sort out what’s to go

and what’s to stay


But no matter

how long it takes

good memories

even bad

of the past

throw away what I don’t want


School report

age 11 must have been

never realized that I was that good

years of suppression made me think

that I was not capable

of achieving much


So much paperwork

bills I kept

papers on everything

why was it kept

will take me a week plus

to clear this lot


The past so much was bad

rid myself of those times

look forward to what’s next

my Sons don’t need all this mess

give less to sort out

when I am dead


4 thoughts on ““SORTING OUT”

    1. Well I just had this feeling about going to San Francisco and I did not want the Boys to be left with so many things to get rid of, so started on the paperwork I cannot believe how much there is to do will take me much longer than I imagined, but at least when it’s done all will be clear for them. Kept papers from when David was alive, why? Have to get rid of the past.


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