We face a crisis in this Country of mine, the UK, and that is should David Cameron PM be kicked out of Office for not declaring all his Shares.  Dear God, is that all these sad people who are complaining about him have to worry about, and one being the Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn, the man I voted for being a Socialist myself.


I dont give a damn whether David Cameron has shares or not or what shares his Mother had or what his Father did with his money, it is not important.  What is important is when, how, where are ISIS going to strike in this Country because they will.  What precisely are ALL the Political Parties doing about it to prevent it.  What are they doing to stop the radicalisation going on in this Country.


Why are the Authorities standing by watching as more and more these radical Muslims in this Country want it to be under the Laws they believe in.  What of the Muslims living in this Country who obey the rules as the majority of us do, pay our Taxes and live decent lives, they live in fear too of a backlash for it will happen as it happened when the IRA under the now “good” Gerry Adams and the IRA thought they could bomb the UK into submission, under Margaret Thatcher they could not, under Tony Blair, well we all know what happened.  Who suffered not only those that lost loved ones here and in Northern Ireland, not just those who were horrendously injured but the Irish living in this Country, innocent people going their way picked up by the Police beaten and kicked out when proved innocent.  Irish people caught up in the bombings.  I would watch my own Mother come home every night from work, after a bomb had gone off somewhere, only to be blamed because she was Irish, her accusers her own colleagues/friends.


Should we not be questioning Jeremy Corbyn over his anti-semitic attitudes, oh no we can’t do that we must shut up, why?  Is that not newsworthy.  A Political leader and a Socialist too and his anti semitic  thoughts well, well, well!!


Never mind David Cameron and his shares, who the hell cares.  We are a laughing stock (sorry for the pun) in Europe and no wonder.  Can anyone seriously be surprised about the Super Rich hiding their money away.  Be honest if you had millions, billions and someone came to you and told you how you could avoid paying Tax, would you not do it, of course you would and if you say no, I don’t in a million years believe you.


8 thoughts on ““SHARES OR NO SHARES”

  1. Well Anna – we might just disagree about some of this.
    I think it is important that the rich pay their fair share. There are billions being put away by the rich that should be going into the NHS and schools. But the Tories don’t close the loopholes. The reason being – they are the ones using those loopholes to makes millions out of us. That is obscene. It is human nature to cheat if you can get away with it. The government should make sure they can’t. The poor can’t get away with it and neither should the rich.
    Personally I’d love to get rid of Cameron and all the Tories. They are ruining schools and the NHS and putting money in the pockets of their rich chums. We’re certainly not all in it together.
    ISIS are a big threat. But it’s more fear and terror rather than a real threat. It looks like they might be on the run in Iraq and Syria. Their days are numbered. Hopefully they won’t get away with anymore atrocities. It requires all the countries working together to pool their intelligence and sort it out.
    We need to deal with the radicalisation – sort out the Imams and firebrands stirring it up and shut down the internet.
    It’s important, as you point out, that all Muslims are not blamed for the insanity of a minority. Hatred breeds hatred.
    I like Corbyn and most of what he stands for. I haven’t heard any anti-Semitism. What’s he said and done? All I’ve heard is a stance for the Palestinians and against some of the tactics that Israel deploys.

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    1. First Opher, ISIS is a real threat ask the French if they are a threat – their last atrocity was not meant for Belgium but France they only changed it because the Belgian Police picked up one of them. If as you say ISIS may be on the run, their days are numbered. Well if that is the case is it because the UK did so much they sent 6 Jets in, what did the useless Obama do, France acted straight away and good for them. If as you say they are on the run it’s because Russia went in and bombed and bombed, I don’t condemn the Russians for that. You will say Casualties, yes of course Casualties every War has casualties – the last War how many millions and millions of casualties the Jewish people suffered like no one had before them. What about Korea, everyone conveniently forgets Korea, an embarrassment but not for those that fought for justice and died, those that were lucky to come back. Vietnam, you know as I did what Vietnam became an embarrassment to the people back home, I saw it in the States as you did, those that did not have Sons sent to die or be maimed, Boys who came home and were to be forgotten. I had a distant cousin in New Jersey who came home damaged in his mind tried several times to kill himself. The Falklands, how many remember the Falklands, the First Gulf War who remembers them, well I do, do you.

      As for Corbyn read about him see what fellow MPs have to say, now you can call some of them liars not all of them. Corbyn has questions to answer will he no, he is trying to keep the heat off himself being anti semitic by harping on about Cameron and his PRIVATE affairs. Yes Cameron has made a fool of himself, no doubt, but who really cares if he had shares or not, you obviously, I have more to worry about. My concern is of the safety of this Country, I do not want my Sons to have to go and fight because the World is letting ISIS and the radical Muslims get away with it, not if good old Dave had shares, his mum or his dad and his money.

      I am a Socialist always have been though I admit I refused to vote in the Elections that took place with that crooked war monger bastard Blair, Socialist like hell, you want to point the finger point at him. Tony Blair and his Labour Government, don’t forget the RED ROSE CRAP, Tory like Thatcher. Middle Eastern PEACE Envoy?, really what the hell did he do only take money from both sides, live in Luxury have his affairs, as long as the wife did not find out, and save the money. Palestine people and their welfare, sod it I did more than Blair I had my porch plastered with posters.

      You may not agree with the Tories, I don’t agree with the Tories but do you honestly believe that any Labour Government makes sure that there are no Tax loopholes for their rich friends including themselves. Come off it Opher, calls for Cameron to open up his affairs, what about Corbyn’s better still what about the financial affairs of the two biggest Labour Crooks Blair and Mandy (you know who I mean). Labour is so clean are they. I have always liked Corbyn and was pleased to see him where he is but that dangerous bastard next to him, MacDonald, still IRA remember, NO.

      I can’t speak for schools, but the NHS yes they need money yes of course they do but the biggest wasters in the NHS are themselves, I saw it for myself when my Father was in hospital, when I unfortunately spent the worst week of my life (I could handle my Husband’s death but not the NHS) in Colchester Hospital, wastage don’t talk to me about they need money. I have family here who were before retirement in senior positions within the NHS they told me how much money is wasted by the hospitals. I see it every time I go to my Dr Surgery, I have just come back from there and it’s a joke.

      Well we have disagreed Opher, “it’s not personal” as they say.


  2. Good afternoon Anna – it’s my last full day with the kids and all these rushed bits on the computer.
    You didn’t answer my enquiry about the book. I was wondering if the structure worked or not? If it was obvious or not?

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  3. I just typed an answer to you, now can’t find it. So here we go again. You will be sorry to see the Grandchildren go, the house will be quiet. Must have been lovely for you both to have them for the week.

    The reason I did not answer your enquiry about the book was I can’t find it. I knew from the early pages that it was obvious you had crashed and that you were stuck in the car helpless, no one around. As the hours went on you were reflecting on the past. What I did not realize was the crash was all made up right? Clever you. I did get a bit frustrated that you kept going back and forth, at times I just wanted you to keep it all in order, but then life is not always like that. I enjoyed the book, it was a good read and I recommend it to all, as you saw. I always enjoy your books, why else would I buy them. Doing well with the new one.


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