When a star falls, I shall wish for you.

When the moon is new, I shall wish for you.

When a bird looks into my window,

when a leaf falls before me,

when I find a fern in flower –

I shall wish for you.


And when autumn lays out her lavish colors …

her warm brown, ripe yellow,

her exciting red all over the hills and fields,

like a lovely woman undressing –

I shall look for you.


Extract taken from the above by WALTER BENTON


How superbly Walter Benton describes his love, how wonderful it would have been to have such a Romantic Poet in love with you.  Anna







4 thoughts on ““THIS IS MY BELOVED”

  1. Drollery made me a card on the computer once. It said “Dream of Dancing — God knows your heart!” Does that count? o_O Honestly he doesn’t know what romantic is. He HATES eating by candle light because he “wants to see what he’s eating…” Sighs and rolls eyes…

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    1. David was the same, blew the candle out – romantic, like hell he was. I think the above is just so sexual and romantic, could you imagine a man saying that to you Cheryl, wouldn’t you for sure make love to him. Just so romantic .

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