All alone in bed, no one to hold her close to his chest, to feel his warm hands caress her body so, his tongue finding places she loves him to feel, oh how she aches right now to have him near, his kisses on lips and arms and legs oh no how long will it be before he returns.


She looked at the clock it was quarter to three, she could not sleep for want of him so, tossing and turning the bed was a mess “young boots”  still on the bed, he was asleep and not to be disturbed but for one so in love she ached for him so.


Suddenly, there it was the noise that she dreaded all alone what should she do, there was someone downstairs and she knew it was not Hugo, someone was moving around in the rooms, grabbing “young boots” she slipped out of bed.  Standing there slipping on her robe “young boots” wiggling to be free but she must keep hold.  “oh what do we do he will come upstairs”, bathroom no he sure will find her there.  Into the wardrobe right to the back hopefully he won’t bother to look.  So she hid in the wardrobe trying not to shake, waiting for this figure to come to her room, the thought of Rape came into her head as it would with every woman.


There he was she could hear him in her room, hand stroking “young boots” he was very good, it was as though he knew he had to be quiet.  She was trying not to shake she could hear him moving around opening drawers searching for money for jewells, well she had very little so no doubt he would take them and go.  Terrified she was he would open the wardrobe door she sensed him getting closer “God his hand is on the door” she felt.  Ring, ring, ring, ring and then the answer machine came on, she held her breath.  “Sonia, darling it’s me I know you are not asleep I am not are you thinking of me because I can’t get you out of my mind, darling I need your body I can feel it, see it, taste it can you taste me – have you gone over to your parents to sleep like you did before, I know how you hate being alone.  Darling I will be home tomorrow so if you get this when you return lay on the bed and think of me.  How is “young boots”, your mother will not be too pleased he’s there but you can’t leave him on his own, Darling I better go I will be with you tomorrow and I will make it up to you, I love you, love you” – the machine just buzzed and went off, the burglar sat on the bed he had listened to it all, laughing he said “just as well she isn’t here, I could have done the job for him”.   Sonia felt sick at the thought but held it back.


Then all of a sudden, Sonia heard the Burglar moving round again and the footsteps seemed to be going away, but she must stay put, she stood there still shaking “young boots” licking her face and she waited and waited, how many hours past she did not know.


She suddenly opened the door of the wardrobe still holding onto “young boots” she peeped through her clothes to see if it was clear she could not hear anything, she could see her clock and it said 2.30 all these hours she had been hiding. She stepped from the wardrobe and ran to the phone, she rang Hugo’s hotel and asked for his room, there was no answer, they confirmed he had checked out.  Sonia rang the Police and relayed all that had happened they said they would be straight around, falling onto the bed she put the phone down and before long she could hear Police cars, as she ran to the window there they were, dropping “young boots” onto the bed she told him to stay there as she went downstairs to let the Police in and told them everything that had happened, suddenly police officers four, five, six were there in her bedroom more downstairs.


“Sonia, Sonia where are you” it was Hugo the police told her to stay where she was, Hugo came running into the bedroom, “its ok” he said “I am her Fiancee, Sonia whats happened are you alright, Darling what is it”, she fell into his arms and told him what had taken place.   The Police assured Hugo and Sonia they would do all they could to find the man, one by one they departed.  With Sonia in Hugo’s arms he held her close and said “Darling I promised you I would make it up to you and I will” – Hugo was home and for Sonia and “young boots” all would now be well.


Would Hugo make it up, for sure he did – “young boots” hid his head, obviously he got off the bed.


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