To be loved

is it not

the most precious

of all gifts


To wake

and to feel

love next to you

to have love touch you


To have a small child’s

hand in yours

to look in their eyes

and see the love that child has


To own a pet no matter what

and to know that the love

that you give

is given back



To give love

to feel love

to share love

most of all be loved

love in this World

is all that we need





5 thoughts on ““LOVE”

    1. No, not sure what that means. Did not like the Beatles, the only record I had was a song Lennon wrote for his then wife, no one mentions it so it might be rare, up in the loft somewhere. Had no interest ever in the Beatles or the so called Liverpool sound.

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  1. Yes, sorry it’s me. Back in the sixties it’s all we ever heard. Never understood why they were so big in America. When John Lennon went missing for those weeks that he did, did you know Rod had handed over his house to him so he could hide out?


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