So Obama goes to Germany, who the hell cares what this man has to say, not even his own people want to know.  In eight years of office what has he really done, nothing.


The majority of people in Germany have had enough, when Obama goes he should take Angela Merkel with him, she should hang her head in shame for all she has caused.  Merkel could not even defend her own people when they were attacked some months ago, women sexually assaulted in the streets.  I do not blame any German who goes on the streets to protest as to what is going on.


Obama’s advice is not wanted anywhere, he has done nothing for the people back home so he comes to Europe to give advice, go to hell Obama we do not need you.


The people of Great Britain will vote whether or not to stay in Europe, the YES Vote seem to be a very vicious breed even the remarks coming from those supporting them, grow up.


Those that will Vote NO have the right to vote NO and we don’t need the abuse or the snide comments that are appearing.  I was going to Vote YES, but have looked into  it and I will be Voting NO, we managed before we shall manage again, most of all we need to control all our own borders not have Europe control them, look at the bloody mess we have.


Obama go home, keep your mouth shut on Europe, don’t patronize the voters here who will say NO.  Sort out your own Country that’s if you can.   As for David Cameron, what a fool you have made of yourself, time to go Dave.




4 thoughts on ““OBAMA GO HOME”

    1. Danke Matt (that’s as far as my German goes I am ashamed to say). I know that there are a lot of British that are extremely annoyed by what Obama said whilst here in Britain, his scaremongering so that those who were going to vote NO would now vote YES doing David Cameron’s dirty work for him. Obama threatening us that we would be at the end of the queue for contracts with the USA. I do not like Obama I never did, in all the years I have been interested in American Politics, he has proved to be the most ineffectual President. Take care of yourself.


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