Another Birthday passes

dear Rod

and you are not with us


the joy you brought

to all of us


That smile

that would adorn your face

those of us cannot erase

your songs, your writings

we loved so much

bring joy when they are

read and played


Dear Rod

remembering you

on this day

April 29

and every day

that passes by

we miss you so very much



I prefer to remember the day that Rod was born rather than the day he Died.  If Rod had not been born look at how much we would have missed, he was a remarkable man of that there is no doubt.  Those that do not remember are really missing out, his writings of Poetry, his manuscripts of music, and his soothing voice.  How many of us Loners over the years have been comforted, how many of us were encouraged to write  So I choose to remember the day Rod was born and celebrate his Life.

One sadness continues, Rod does not have the Library that he so longed for,  nor is there any other marking, perhaps in San Francisco where it all began for Rod, to Celebrate his remarkable life.  Rod was the biggest selling Poet in American history, surely he deserved better than this.


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