She sat there just waiting, she knew she might have to wait longer than expected, she had been warned.  As she sat there in Green Park, not the nicest of Parks she said to herself, I like Kensington Gardens that’s always cheery.


With that she saw this rather good looking man coming her way, was it him she pondered, he was tall slender so well dressed and handsome, oh was he handsome Felicity thought to herself.  No, he walked past, hold on a minute she said silently as he stopped took a handkerchief from his pocket, blew his nose and replaced the hankie.  Some message in that she thought, with that no, he was on his way not before he turned spotted Felicity and smiled, then gone.

Next coming towards her was this City Gent complete with umbrella, oh my God she thought it is likely to be him, just my luck he looks so typical, surely they see how obvious he is, but it was ok as he slowed down smiled at Felicity he too went on his way.  Felicity just sat there and wondered how much longer.  All of a sudden she heard this voice “excuse young Lady do you mind if I sit here on this bench, all the others are fully occupied, lunchtime you know, Felicity looked up hoping that the voice suites the person, as she did so she nervously went “no its fine, please do, and yes it does get rather busy this time of day, “thank you very much I hope I won’t disturb your book” he said, looking at him which Felicity tried not to do as he was a typical office worker, his brownish overcoat and black suit and white shirt, his black shoes could do with a clean she saw.

Felicity continued to read her book, she loved Spy books and John Le Carre was her favourite, the man she was trying to ignore the man with the sandwiches he seemed to be enjoying and the flask of what was it, was it meant to be coffee it smelt like it, he suddenly spoke “I see you like John Le Carre, I do too, he is a fascinating man isn’t he”, turning to the man Felicity felt she had to answer but did not want any real conversation with him, “yes he is, I really should be going”, “not yet” the voice said, Felicity looked at the man “excuse me” “not yet” he said “I haven’t given you the instructions yet, when I offer you a sandwich, which you will take” he said sharply, “now hold on a minute” said Felicity her voice rising, “what are you talking about”.

“I’m your contact, you stupid girl, why they choose young girls like you is beyond me but nevertheless I am your contact so when I offer you a sandwich you take the beef one with the spinach showing, understood”, slightly put out Felicity answered “yes I understand”.  “Good” said the man, offering Felicity the bag of sandwiches.  Felicity put her hand in the bag of sandwiches and retrieved the beef and spinach.  “Don’t eat the centre, whatever you do, take a serviette and put the centre part or as much as you don’t eat in that fold it over and put it in your bag, as though you are being polite and keeping it for later, understood, all you need to know is contained inside that sandwich, do you understand what I am saying to you, what’s your name”.

Felicity was put out by his attitude but nevertheless listened intently to him, “yes I understand and it’s Felicity, I have been  with them for four years you know, I have worked my way up”, “well good for you Felicity, you just do what you are instructed, pass it on as you will see, wait for a call and then well instructions later, take great care won’t you”, as the man turned to Felicity she could see he was not that old in fact much younger than  he was supposed to look, not good makeup she said to herself.  “Tell me something” Felicity asked ” are you always so rude when you speak to people”, “well that’s a good point, no not usually but it just annoys me when the department use young girls like you” the man said. With her back up Felicity added sharply “girl, I am not a girl I am a woman”, “very well” said the man”you are a woman, how old are you 21/22, you look like a girl to me but apologies”, “thats ok” said Felicity her tone now softer, “I think we are both a little emotional”.  The man laughed, by the way you can call me Jerry, with a J, and before you ask my Father was American hence the J and not G”, Felicity smiled at him and said “Jerry with a J suits you”.  Jerry moving closer to  Felicity said “you put the sandwich in your bag in the minute, stand up and we say goodbye, I have your number they gave it to me, I will ring you this evening, after you have read the instructions, we will take it from there, is that clear”, smiling Felicity did all he told her to do and said “yes it’s clear, what time will you ring”, “about 8pm so make sure you will be there”, he said, “I will be there don’t worry” said Felicity they smiled at each other and Felicity turned to walk her way.

As Dusk started to fall and it was definitely getting colder, Felicity looked out of the living room window of her flat, all seemed normal, people going out, people coming home from work, just another day, but it was not another day she thought to herself.  “That man, that bloody man” she said smiling, “actually with all that muck off his face he was rather good looking, lot older than me” she said.

Felicity had retrieved the message from within the sandwich once she had taken it out of the plastic covering, she read it, not all of it made sense, but she had her instructions, wait until Jerry rang at 8 for further instructions, “they” had swept her flat as they always did once a fortnight, so she knew the phone was ok,  as she drew the curtains and settled down to watch some TV,  “Cody” her cat jumping on her lap knowing that he could nuzzle up to Felicity and feel safe and loved by her, the phone rang as Felicity jumped, “Cody” jumped off her lap, Felicity quickly rang to the phone “hello who is it”, what seemed like an age there was no response coming, then suddenly “Felicity, it’s Jerry are you alright”.

Felicity seemed happy to hear Jerry’s voice and stupid as it sounded  felt safe too that he was on the other end of the phone, “yes I’m fine, I’m here”, “that’s good” said Jerry, “now Felicity this is what you have to do, I’m in your street, pull your curtains back, but make sure you have no lights on in the apartment, look for the man who lights a cigarette on the corner by the shop, it’s me, wait ten minutes and then come down and I’ll be in the pub, understand all that”, “Yes I understand Jerry but why can’t you come up here” said Felicity, suddenly she heard that terse Jerry again, “Felicity don’t bloody argue, you are hear to listen and act, do you now understand”, “Yes I understand” said Felicity strangely holding back tears, “ten minutes than ok” and Jerry had put the phone down, Felicity now had to wait ten minutes and then  when she would see Jerry in the pub, hopefully more will be explained by him what she or they had to do, just ten minutes, tick tock tick tock went the clock……………………..






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