As she parked the car, there was Todd on the driveway to greet her she had been away for just over a week, visiting her Parents in England but now she was home, her real home, her home with Todd.

As Elizabeth stepped out of the car she went straight into Todd’s arms, “oh baby you are home at last I have missed you so much, I just couldn’t wait for this moment” Todd said as he held her so closely and kissed her passionately – “Elizabeth all I want is you, are you too tired, it’s been a long flight”, now at last Elizabeth was able to speak, “I’m fine Darling” she said waiting for Todd to stop kissing her face and neck, “Todd I’m not that tired I slept on the plane anyway”.

” What I could do with is one of your special coffees I have missed them so much”, said Elizabeth, “right away then sweetie” Todd replied, holding onto Elizabeth around the waist with one hand and lifting one of her cases with the other, “Todd that does not matter we can get the luggage later”.  As they entered the house Elizabeth had the sense that someone else had been in their house whilst she was away, even the phone calls she had with Todd she could sense there was a person with him but convinced herself or tried to that she was imaging it.

“Here you are darling one coffee, by the way how were your Parents, still upset that you were coming back here to the States to me” asked Todd making himself comfortable in a chair. Elizabeth looked at him surprised that he had asked that again, he asked it every time she back home to Worcester, or WORCESTER SHIRE  as Todd would say.  “No they were fine with it, of course they miss me Todd they are getting older and I am all the way here in California, what do you expect” said Elizabeth, “don’t let’s argue about it Liz it was just a question” Todd smiling at her.  Elizabeth did not like being called Liz but she tolerated Todd when he did so, she drew the line when others called her Liz, why do people have to shorten good solid names she said to herself.

All the way back on the plane Elizabeth knew she had to ask Todd if there was someone else, but when would be the best time, the best place, she had the feeling she wasn’t going to hold back right now.  With Todd looking at her he said “Liz do you want to go to bed, I so want to make love to you but it’s up to you” damn it she did but this was the moment this was the time if she did not ask Todd now she never would.

“Todd” she said with passion in her voice “if only you knew how much I have wanted to make love to you, have you make love to me, feel your body, stroke it, feel your body against mine, it’s not the same over the phone” Elizabeth laughed as she said those last few words.  “Then whats wrong Liz lets go upstairs right now, we can even make love here if you want to, how many times have we done it here, wherever you want darling, I just want you” implored Todd.  “What it is Todd, God I don’t want to ask this, I don’t want to hear the answer, but I have to ask, who has been here in the house since I went away” asked Elizabeth.

Todd looking shocked quickly replied “No one Liz what is wrong with you, if you are talking about our friends who have dropped by I told you every time we spoke on the phone, is that what you are asking, is it” Todd raised his voice somewhat, and Elizabeth knew there was no turning back now, there would be a row but she wanted honesty from him she had to know.

Looking straight at Todd and trying not to cry she asked “who was she I know you had a woman here Todd just tell me who she was, no in fact don’t tell me unless its someone I we know just admit you had a woman here, staying here sometimes”, “Liz” said Todd “I don’t know what the hell you are talking about, you come home from seeing your parents in England I want to make love to you and you come out with this load of shit, what the hell”.

With Todd really angry now she wanted it all to end but not before she eventually got the truth out of him, “Todd I know that someone was here her clothes were seen her pants and bra to be exact, Todd you have to be truthful, if there is a future for us any type of future then we have to be truthful can’t you see that”.  Todd by this time holding back exploding said to Elizabeth “What do you want me to say the truth Liz as you keep saying, just tell me who the fuck have you been talking to”, “I didn’t want this Todd you know that I did not cause this and my parents have nothing to do with any of this, but I was told about the clothes left in the bathroom, I have to know can’t you see it darling I just have to have the truth”.


“Right” answered Todd “the truth and I know who gave you that information, Betsy wasn’t it, she and Charles were over several times, Betsy bringing food for me to eat, I didn’t want her bloody food I can feed myself Liz, was that you putting her up to it”, he shouted at Liz, “No it was not I did not put Betsy up to anything” she heard herself screaming back at him, God that last thing she wanted now was to lose control of herself.  “Todd” she said in a softer tone, “lets just sort it out, yes Betsy told me when we spoke on the phone I did not want to hear that from her, she could not help herself, I am not that close to her you know that, in fact I find her one nosey bitch”.

Todd finally laughed but knew deep down he had to tell Liz the truth now this was going to destroy them if he was not honest, but how was she going to take the news, the truth that she wants, God he felt sick in his stomach knowing that there was no going back, he just hoped so much that Liz would understand, she had to if it meant that they could survive.

“Well Liz you wanted the truth and I just hope we can still get through this, why you couldn’t ignore it as one of Betsy’s snooping I don’t know, but the truth well here it is and I swear on all we have been together how I love you, and yes I honestly love you and no one else, there is no woman Liz”, this was Todd being honest she thought?

“What kind of fucking fool are you taking me for Todd, there you are being honest and you come out with all this crap, stop just stop it, I need to know, was it some whore you brought to the house, or someone we know” shouted Elizabeth.  Todd trying to calm things down went over to Liz “don’t tell me Betsy did not know the name”, “No” said Elizabeth slightly calmed “no she didn’t find out the name but you are admitting you had a woman here that’s the truth isn’t it Todd”, “No it’s not the truth” answered Todd.

“The truth, Liz, well the truth is it was Ben and before you call me a liar, phone him and ask, it was Ben, do you see what I am trying to tell you do you understand” asked Todd, “oh god, Todd are you being serious, are you telling me you are homosexual like Ben, no it’s not true, no no no” shouted Elizabeth.  Todd walking over to her as she went to get herself a drink of water from the fridge, “Liz I did not want this you just got back from England and straight away this, but you have gone this far and there is no turning back, no I am not homosexual, as you Brits say, gay would do – I am not gay I am bisexual, that’s the truth you wanted it now you have it, I am bisexual, got it”.

As Elizabeth walked past him, she turned and said “when you make love to me is it me or Ben, do you want to make love to me do you force yourself” she asked angrily, “Liz for fucks sake do I act as though I make love to you, does it feel like an act, no it does not I love you as a man loves a women, I need the warmth of a woman, the body of a woman, the woman I love, you Liz but just occasionally I need Ben, I don’t go out looking for someone if that’s what you think, this is how I am there is nothing I can do about it”. Feeling just lost Todd just stood there as Elizabeth turned to leave the room, but before doing so she said “so tell me every time Ben comes over you want him or arrange to see him and why the underwear, yours was it”, laughing for the first time since telling Liz, the truth finally out.  “No darling the underwear is not mine, could you see me in bra and pants, Ben likes to dress up it’s what he does I don’t care for it, but it’s Ben’s thing, I know you won’t believe this but sometimes we just sit here and play cards”.

Elizabeth could not but help laugh she just found it so funny picturing Ben sitting there in bra and pants and Todd in his underpants or naked, playing cards!  “Todd” she asked “why did Ben leave the underwear here what was that all about”, looking perplexed Todd Said “| I can only assume it was the time when we, Ben and myself were just having a quite drink playing cards, fully clothed in case you are wondering and Betsy and Charles dropped by, Betsy being Betsy obviously found the clothes, took them”, “then if that was the case why didn’t Ben say something about them being missed”,  “embarrassment Liz what else, what do you want to do about this, can’t we sort it out can’t we live with it, in Europe its quite common , in France there is no problem” said Todd, Elizabeth retorted “we are not living in bloody  France we are living here, I don’t know I am just so confused”.

“Todd” Elizabeth said softly as she held out her hand to him, Todd took it “Todd I know this is crazy but I just want to go to bed with you”, Todd gently stroked her face,  “no not to make love Todd but just to be in your arms held by you to feel close again”, Todd taking her by the waist until she was in his arms, “then” he said “lets go to bed, as you are if you want and just hold each other, you wanted the truth and now you have it, I am glad its all out, but just remember on all I hold sacred,I love you and you only”.

Todd held Elizabeth close as they went upstairs to their bedroom, they laid on the bed fully clothed and held each other tight, there they stayed as dusk began to fall and it was getting cooler outside and they could hear the sea crashing against the rocks, there they were the truth finally out and Elizabeth had what she wanted, mistakes?  Better to be unwise to have carried on  not listening to Betsy, she never did before with all her nonsense, this time! Here she was in Todd’s arms his gentle kisses on her face and head and the future for them both………………………






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