“Jealousy or Envy”

Jealousy or envy

a trate I have never possessed

but others do

and through their feelings

hatred comes through


Damage to possessions

deliberately caused

I find hard to hold back

my true feelings

to those

that have done so



This Morning

I saw one of my paintings

damaged so

a lovely Oil on Canvas

that held memories so close


An oil on canvas

of the Killarney Lakes

close to my heart

and where my ashes will lay

a gift from my Sons

many years ago


Scrawled across it

a fingernail tear

not there yesterday


But now my tears flow

do I know who did it

oh yes, very much so

a jealous Sister

who lives in my house

I ignore so


My Killarney Lakes

all I see is the fingernail tear

will I tackle her


it is what she wants

and I play no games, no more





8 thoughts on ““Jealousy or Envy”

    1. You could say that Opher, but this is her. She obviously listened yesterday in her Living room as she does, as I suggested to Jonathan moving the painting up the stairs so when you came through the doors it is so large the painting, you would see it straight away.


    1. Thank you Linda, but this is my so called Sister because I no longer look or talk to her, and the house is big enough to ignore her, she has always treated me as “hers” I know that sounds strange – I have a lot of probs from my background.


  1. Oh Anna! What a horrid thing for her to do! Sounds like something out of a Gothic novel!!! What kind of mischief do you suppose she’ll get up to while you’re gone, or will she behave for the boys?

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    1. I was so upset when I saw it, but would not let her see that. I know why she did it Cheryl, I am not one for Birthdays and mine is May 14 and she and my Mother would do whatever they could to upset me or cause a row on that date, this is what she wants but it did not happen. It’s a lovely painting very long, very wide and it’s the Lakes and the Killarney Hills as Dusk falls, very well painted. She scratched it from the Lake in a large half circle, it’s so obvious a fingernail.

      Going upstairs last night I called David to point it out to him and he said he had seen it didn’t want to say it to me because he knew I would get upset. You can’t but help see what she has done the bitch. As for her causing trouble when I go away, I have no doubt she will do something to cause a row with Jonathan (he is too like me and easy pickings therefore).

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  2. You are spot on there Cheryl. Do you know 35 years we have lived here and this is I accept hard for people to believe, but in all those years she never once put a duster to her hand and done any work around here. She is supposed to hoover the hall every day, now it’s every other day waiting for me to say something. I have to admit it really gets me down.

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