“Bambi – Update – May 13-14”

Bambi is still in our garden and we have now learnt that it is a Muntjac Deer and it will get no bigger than it is now.

An RSPCA Officer turned up this afternoon in response to our calls yesterday regarding Bambi getting caught in the football net and possibly being bitten by Daisy our dog.

The RSPCA officer informed us that this Muntjac will not grow anymore, it is a little smaller than our Daisy.  As long as Bambi has food and water, plus good shelter she will stay.  I am so surprised.  The Inspector informed us that in Towns and Cities these little creatures are everywhere, they can be seen walking along roads.  There are so many everywhere the RSPCA do not take them in and if they are injured they have to put them down, I was horrified at that.

Fascinated to find out from the Officer that this Muntjac can jump 6ft fences, so that is how he got in, it will come and go as it pleases.

My Daisy is a worry as I do not want her injured, the Inspector said that the Muntjac will make sure it keeps clear of our dog, I hope so.

As of today May 14 I have not seen her, oh yes apparently it’s a she,  she has no horns, well that we could see of.  I just hope that Bambi does not wander too far find a “mate” and end up pregnant, not sure I could cope with how many babies she may have.

I did not expect this little creature to decided she would live here, what I wonder will be the  next guest to arrive.  What with all the Birds, Squirrels, Frogs, one hedgehog, my two goldfish and Daisy and now Bambi the house/garden is full.




14 thoughts on ““Bambi – Update – May 13-14”

    1. Cheryl, she is so cute but very hard to find. RSPCA Inspector said she must feel safe in our garden and may come and go,just amazes me she can jump 6ft. No Daisy not bothering her, just worried Bambi might go for her but Inspector said no it would be ok. Feeding her apples and grapes at the moment.
      May 15, you will not believe this, I am in shock. This afternoon in front garden working, Daisy out there with me, about 3 hours out there working and these 3 girls stopped they were all on mobile phones, one of them had a black dog, only small, and the girl was talking to Daisy at the gate. They all walked off next thing I know they had dumped the dog outside my gate, no collar. Boys were ring around Police/dog wardens/ dog homes – all closed. The dog underweight, fed and watered it, but could not keep it because of Daisy and Bambi. Finally a neighbour down the road took it to a friend of his who will keep it overnight and take it to the shelters tomorrow. I am furious these girls just dumped the dog and walked off. This is a real Nut House. It has been put on YouTube.

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      1. Cheryl, I did not know any of them, about 18/20 years of age.
        The neighbour down the road took the dog to a friend who spotted on his facebook page someone saying that their dog had been lost for the last hour – lie, the dog was lost for about 5 hours I had him. I believe the girl whose dog it was collected it. Saw the facebook page and damn it the picture of the owner was only the one that left the little dog at my gate. This thing works in a pub on the Pier, it must have been so convenient to dump it here. The poor dog was starving and in desperate need of water, gave it both. It’s teeth were all brown, its coat had never seen a brushing, I am sorry now I gave it back – should have kept it and taken it to rescue centre tomorrow. This “B” will dump this dog again. We left a message on her facebook page saying it was dumped at my gate, no reply from her – I am so annoyed Cheryl. What did you think of the little dog in the video, that’s me holding Daisy back.

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  1. Yes, he was getting on, David played ball with him and he was quite active, running like a puppy in fact. I feel the reason she dumped him was because he was old, I just wish I had gone over to Daisy at the far end gate when I heard this female talking and saying to her friends “She’s got a dog”, I could kick myself, I know it was her that dumped the dog. I just feel so guilty as to what she will do to this little creature.

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    1. Hopefully she realized after she left him that she would miss him. He must have been a part of her life for awhile. And after all, she WAS looking for a home where there were people who would love and care for him. She judged you rightly. She could have just set him loose in the streets. She may have been afraid if she took him to one of the rescue places they would end up putting him down.

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      1. I can’t give her any credit Cheryl, she was dumping the little dog, yes she judged me right the mug always the mug. If Daisy had got along with him I would have kept him, said nothing, I called him Tuppence he was cute, he was so underweight/filthy teeth/coat never seen too had skin infection. I wash Daisy everyday with Baby wipes. We saw pics of this woman on her facebook 2 kids she had pics of posing these self obsessed people who have to take selfies all the time drives me mad. He was getting old no use, costing money. She lied said the dog was missing an hour, that someone took him and left him at the cop shop up the road from us. I suspect the rescue people would put him down, that in my mind criminal. Jonathan was on the phone an hour ringing around yesterday RSPCA/Dog rescue places etc, she should pay for that, not as much as “Thank You”. I feel so guilty about what may happen to him now.


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