“The Skip and Bicycle Man”

On Thursday I ordered a large skip so that at last my eldest Son could clear the Balcony from his bedroom, it has been such a mess for such a long time, and impossible to get out there let alone clean it.  Also we have a large Eucalyptus Tree in the front garden, did have two which was one in each garden either side of the centre path, but that’s another story.

Now since last summer I have been asking for my Sons to top it as it was growing too fast, I wanted to do it but they banned me from the ladder.  Well, now finally it is going to be topped it is so high and so bushy.  I even purchased a Safety Garden ladder and extension, it has actually only come out of the Barn where it is housed, about three maybe four times!

The back garden has to be sorted as well, now that’s a problem because of Bambi being there, there is always some problem or another with this house. The trees have become too high and need topping shrubs need thinning out – last year I neglected my garden somewhat and I am late getting going now, unfortunately I was unwell last year and it all just slipped by.

So the Skip the third size they had costing an awful lot £175 ($252.     ) arrived rather early Friday morning and not long after Jonathan was seen loading a lot of garden bags that had been filled.  He cuts the bags open and just tips the rubbish into the skip that way you save space.  During the weekend he was sorting out things and yesterday, the big day came for the Balcony to be cleared.

I have to say Jonathan  worked extremely hard all day long up and down our too long staircase with boxes, bags and all sorts of items for the skip.  He no longer required his old stereo set and loud speakers so put them outside the gate for anyone to take.

For some reason yesterday afternoon I just opened one of the cupboard doors under the sink for something, only to find an absolute mess.  A bottle of whatever had leaked the shelves on both cupboards had gooey liquid all over them, that is all I needed having a lot of ironing ahead of me.

Everything I had to clear out and clean this disgusting mess, do you think I could find the culprit, well no.  That is not until towards the last few items I removed from the cupboards and there it was an unused bottle of carpet cleaner.  A tiny puncture hole at the bottom of the bottle and all this smelling gooey stuff had leaked.

I found an old crockpot that I had put in the back of one of the cupboards and completely forgot, I have a slow cooker I bought two years ago and use that now and again.  I asked Jonathan was it worth keeping and he said no, so out it went with the stereo free for anyone.

When we got up this morning Jonathan said the Crockpot was gone, so I hope who ever has taken it will get use from it.  Jonathan was out there later cutting up the old Christmas Tree and filling the skip.  Along came a chap on a bike who apparently smelled already of alcohol he took the stereo and immediately asked “you got bags for it mate” what do these people think this place is a supermarket, Jonathan said no and this chap said “I can’t take it without bags mate” with that Jonathan took from the skip a large toilet rolls bag with rubbish from the balcony he gave it to the fellow and said “this will have to do” – snatching it he peddled off with his FREE stereo and bag.  People!

I would not be surprised if we did not see this drinking bicycle man again, as going out the front Free for anyone will be a machine my youngest Son purchased some years ago it’s a beer machine, attach your large beer canister and just press the button and out the tap comes your beer, well it was good and I guess my Sons had their use for it until it broke down and could not find the parts.  Maybe someone might be able to fix it or use it for parts if they have one, whatever it’s going out the front Free to take – no  free bags with it though.


Hope you enjoy the pictures, my Eucalyptus Tree prior cutting and the famous skip.  I apologise for quality of pics my hands are a bit shaky lately.  This is my front garden, the back is very large and rather overgrown.








4 thoughts on ““The Skip and Bicycle Man”

  1. We call it dumpster diving here. Perfectly acceptable for finding treasures, or so Jesse says. (Stef’s hubby.) Folks are pretty generous here. If they have something usable, they put it out on the curb with a sign that says FREE, and it will be gone in no time and they didn’t have to pay to have it carted away. We’re going to do that with our sofa bed.

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    1. We have always put items that work or are of use outside for people, it’s a shame just to throw them away – what got to me was this chap got free stereo system and then asked for carrier bags. Sometimes I call the PDSA (do you have them Dog people) and they collect books/clothes things like that).

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