“California Dreaming”

Memories flooded back

and dreams I always had

last night on TV

a programme I did see


The Mamas and Papas

remember them

during the 1960s

and the songs they did sing


“California Dreaming”

“Monday, Monday

favourites of mine

sweet memories

how they flooded back


The Sixties

and the year of love

Hippies and the

Vietnam War

Campaigns they fought

and the music thrilled


“California Dreaming”

and how we wish it true

taken me Forty Years plus

to make the dream come true






12 thoughts on ““California Dreaming”

  1. When you wish upon a star… I think it was YOUR song, not mine! LOL I wonder if you can still find hippie beads there… Hm… šŸ˜€ I know, get a tat in honor of your trip! Would your boys have a meltdown? LOL

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    1. I’ve always wanted a little Mallorn leaf on the back of my hand. But I’m too big of a baby. You’d think with putting up with all this back crap a little needle pain wouldn’t bother me, wouldn’t you?

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