James Kavanaugh “Will You Be My Friend”

The other day a close Friend Cheryl over at “Impromptu Promptlings” did a Blog on James Kavanaugh and mentioned to me how he bore some resemblance to my favourite Poet and America’s biggest selling Poet, the late Rod McKuen.

Both men were kind hearted men, gentlemen in every sense of the word.  I have, as Cheryl knows, loved Rod for over forty years.  Not just the Poet but the Composer, the Singer and the Man.  As a Collector of Rod’s Books and LPs, I had a feeling that somewhere in Rod’s personal Chest that my youngest Son purchased for me, I had in there a book of James Kavanaugh’s Poems dedicated to Rod.

Suddenly today I searched Rod’s Chest and there it was James Kavanaugh’s book “Will You Be My Friend”, dedicated to Rod and not only that, but inside the book between certain pages was a personal letter from James to Rod, a treasure indeed along with all the other books I have belonging to Rod from other Authors.   I am very fortunate to have this brilliant Lady Book Seller, who chooses so perfectly for me.

Now I must pull out my books of Poems by James Kavanaugh, that I had forgotten.  Thanks Cheryl for reminding me.




8 thoughts on “James Kavanaugh “Will You Be My Friend”

    1. Yes if you look at the date on the inscription it is the same as the letter about the Concert. Rod had a habit of leaving the personal notes/cards that came with the books, within the pages. I have a nice amount of his books like that.

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      1. “To Rod A special Friend who knows the thirst for all of love and beauty – all at once – But has learned – like all gentle men To Taste of it and not die from the pain.
        Warmly – Jim” Aug 3, 1971

        Rod was a gentle Soul, very much so, he was constantly hurt, put his trust in people who let him down, even in death. I was delighted when told about this book last year and just had to have it.

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