“The Dawn Chorus”

How sweet the sounds of

the Dawn Chorus

4am and the Birds all wake

I stand and listen

to Nature’s “good morning”

yet I have yet

to place my head

on my pillow and sleep


The light of the morn

shows through my window

should I stay up

or should I sleep

I listen to the Birds

sweetly calling

“has she fed us or is she asleep”


Without Nature

our lives so empty

the Moon at night I watch

from my window

then morning comes in

such sweetness out there


We cope each day

as best that we can

the Sky still above us

the Sea such a mystery

the earth, well with Irish blood

running through me

the soil do I love


Nature surrounds us

we should protect

generations together

now there are those

who will destruct

without Nature we are nothing

don’t let’s ever forget




4 thoughts on ““The Dawn Chorus”

  1. We feed the birds in our yard, too. We have lots of Mourning Doves. I love to lie in bed and listen to their cooing in the early morning. I suppose now that we have central air and the windows won’t be open I won’t be hearing them. It makes me sad.

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