“Just To Weed”

Just an hour I said

as I started to weed

before the skip

we hired for all the waste

is collected tomorrow early


So I started to weed

and then I pruned

shrubs and Roses

and an hour went by

then two then three


I was getting tired

every time I looked

there was more to weed

and the scatterers were busy too

weed, weed and more shrubs to prune

it was cold and I was tired

I swear it was not as light

as when I came out


Suddenly I hear loud voices

“come in it’s late and you are tired”

I looked up and staring at me

Not one but two Sons telling me

what I already knew


Half hour more I said

but knew I had enough

and despite more to do

I had to concede

enough was enough




9 thoughts on ““Just To Weed”

    1. Well you know, perhaps that means you really haven’t learned how to love YOURSELF the way you need to? You love your boys like crazy. You loved David (Sr.), even though he made it damn near impossible. You loved your dad. I believe you even tried to love your mom and sister at one time. And God KNOWS how you love your Daisy! You are full of light and love, Anna. You must let it overwhelm you so you can be the recipient of it as well. That will be important going to SF. It was all about LOVE back in the day!

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      1. Cheryl do you know there are times when I really so want to be loved and be held and really loved. I am never jealous of anyone but I do wish sometimes I could just have a little of what they have. I know the Boys love me but it’s not the same as a Lover. Yes SF was all about love then, but from a programme I have seen it’s all been destroyed.

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      2. I wondered if you’ll be disappointed when you get there. But it is a beautiful and interesting city. You could read the book “The Earth Shook, The Sky Burned” about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. I loved that book.

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