“Bambi – Update”

Well having not seen Bambi for a little while now I really was begining to believe she had finally left us, and felt so sad at the thought she will no longer be roaming our garden and enjoying all the wild nettles and weeds, not plants or Trees I hope.

My eldest Son, Jonathan, this morning filled up all the Bird containers and put fresh bread out for them, whilst doing so he apparently went to check on Bambi and there she was he said in her little home.  She cooes now like a large bird and not barking like a dog, so when she cooed to say “don’t come too near”, Jonathan told me he cooed back and back and forth the two of them went, she seemed not afraid of him which is such a good thing, perhaps she might come out so we can get some good pictures of her.

Bambi moved suddenly Jonathan said and slowly, not a panic anymore, went to hide behind the Barn she seems happy and content to be here and is welcome as long as she wants to stay.  Whilst down in the Woodland part of our garden, Jonathan had a look around and found that the fencing going along the bottom of the garden has a gap between the end of the fencing and the joining of our other 6ft fencing that goes down the side of the garden – it’s a small gap and Bambi must be really squeezing herself through.

So it seems the gap is how Bambi got in and how she gets out.  When we cannot see her anywhere around the garden she must be foraging for more food.  Although she does very well here, today she had Greens/Carrots and Apples put down for her and at the top of the garden there are two big containers of water that she can help herself too.  I actually scrubbed them out yesterday evening so they are nice and clean.

Well what with my Dog Daisy, our Goldfish “Holmes and Watson”, the Birds in the garden and the wonderful noises they make at 4.30am, we have Henry the Hedgehog, John and Jane the Seagulls and Babies, we have now be joined by a pair of Magpies, nice looking birds, but not struck on what they do, they are nesting in our tall conifers, and just before typing this whilst I was enjoying a cup of Tea (well I am English) this strange bird flew onto the Bird table looked like a Sparrow Hawk – I hope not I have seen what they do.

What amuses me so much in the garden are our Squirrels, we have at least five families of them and this morning two little Babies appeared running along the top of the fencing, one baby looked so nervous as to how he was going to get onto the ground for food.  I have logs put up against one panel for them to climb down and he tried but thought better of it.  He finally did manage the ground and they are so small and so cute, we tried to capture them on camera but it was as though they knew and quickly ran off.

Back to Bambi she is still here and here I hope she will stay for quite sometime, Daisy still goes looking for her convinced it is another dog or some strange creature in her garden, because Daisy is convinced she is one of us, gets fed by Mummy gets all her blankets and cushions washed by mummy and gets spoilt by mummy and sometimes  shouted at by mummy – is it Daisy I am talking about or my Sons?

I had such a strange dream the other night, well morning actually I seem to climb into bed about 4.30/5am now all the time, sometimes my youngest Son who is always up as he works on the Internet throughout the night/morning – we take Daisy for a walk and it’s lovely there is no one around the air is fresh, it’s heaven.  Anyhow this dream, I saw myself as usual sitting on my bedroom floor watching the football on the TV, alongside me was Daisy and the other side Bambi – could have been the Pink Gin I finished off before climbing into bed!!




4 thoughts on ““Bambi – Update”

    1. Do you know, I have never liked where I live, never liked it as a Child when we would come here for holidays. This year I have realized how lucky I am to live where I do. We have the Sea about 10mins up the road, I rarely go there must make more effort to. Where my House is the Gardens are so far apart, the houses are a good distance, and we have a large (at times to large to clean) House and Garden, so yes I am lucky. Have not seen “Bambi” for some weeks now, keep putting cabbage fruit etc out, maybe she will come back.

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