“Birmingham 6 and Justice At Last”

On the night of November 21, 1974 there was a double bombing of two Pubs in Birmingham, England – it was suspected to be the then IRA.  Now another British Police Force, the West Midlands Police are under the headlights, as corrupt as other Forces have been accused of.

New Inquests into the deaths of 21 people are to be opened, not expected until next year, but the Families of those that were butchered hopefully will finally get the truth they have been looking for all these years.

“The Mulberry Bush” Pub at the base of the City’s Landmark Bullring Rotunda and the underground “Tavern in the Town” were blown apart killing the said 21 people and injuring 222 more.

“The Birming 6” as those caught/charged and convicted, became known, had their Convictions overturned by The Court of Appeal in 1991 after serving 16 years imprisonment, because of another botched investigation by the Police, this time The West Midlands Police.  Whilst the real Bombers escaped Justice.

The West Midlands Police that night of the bombings received two Warning Calls from the said Bombers The IRA, but the warnings were ignored and the rest as they say is history – but this history of another botched case tore Families apart and they are still waiting for Justice.

Let us hope it will not take these Families as long to receive Justice as it did the Families of  Hillsborough.

When the Police Forces of this Land ask why the Public have lost faith in them, these are just two of the many injustices, the coverings up that have finally come to light and showed the Public the truth.  How many more botched cases are there by Police Forces who have got away with too much, for too long.   How long will it be before the Public of this Land can hold their heads up high and say Yes we can be proud of our Police Forces once more.   How long?




6 thoughts on ““Birmingham 6 and Justice At Last”

      1. I don’t watch the news or check it on hear. It depresses me and makes me anxious. So I have no clue what happened. It’s the same here as everywhere. Two sides lining up to have a go at each other — the cops and the supposed bad guys. Who knows who is who these days…

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