“Once There Was Passion”

Once there was passion

where has it gone

should age dictate

its fate


Their eyes once burnt on each other

their hands on their bodies

remembering those days

now age is here

and all we do is stare


The thoughts of wanting each other

has yet to fade

but the actions are never relayed

embarrassment, you could say

the bodies once firm to the touch

nakedness so open

the bodies just flop

now we cover up


Yet they love each other

there is no doubt of that

why does age stop them

being so open as they were once



Robert Gerard Goulet          November 26, 1933  –  October 30, 2007 aged 73years.


4 thoughts on ““Once There Was Passion”

  1. I loved Robert Goulet in Camelot. He was a wonderful Lancelot. I thought I was pretty familiar with all his music, but I’ve never heard this song. I love it! As to the poem, you’d best be good friends first, lovers second, or your relationship will be the worse for it!

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    1. I adored him, that incredible voice – such a loss. The song is from the Broadway hit “Mack and Mable” or was it called “A little light (or was it night) Music”. He was so handsome and that voice would always send tingles down my spine. He was loved here in England. “Camelot” agree with you – so romantic here I go again. The poem is about a couple looking back.

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