“Don’t Break My Noise”

The Sun appears late afternoon

peaceful to hear

nature surrounding me

Birds singing calling their love


Seagulls fly above

no longer destined just to Sea

driven inland no fish to catch

food inland

like scavengers to hand


Peace, only birds calling

the air quite still

suddenly slight breeze

and there it is

that Circular Saw

not again, I say out loud


That Man

I never see, except I hear

breaking the silence

we all can crave

“zee zee zee zee” it seems to say

constant, it drives one bloody mad


That damn circular saw

three years or more

we hear the noise

how many windows does he need

either that

or body parts

he disposes of


Circular Saw

and the man who makes the noise

go away, or just maybe

that saw one day

will turn on you

then no more “zee zee zee”

will we have to listen to






6 thoughts on ““Don’t Break My Noise”

  1. You mean it’ll saw his own body parts? That would be good. If all those monsters chopping down the forests were attacked by their own saws – then we’d have a peaceful world.

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  2. I have a Barn Shed but nothing of course like the size of a proper Barn, do you need planning permission where you are to build such a large Barn? Selfish, there are always people Cheryl who never think of others and their feelings. Lucky you with Mountains where you are, such fresh air you have. We get the smell of the Sea sometimes, and the salt air destroys the house.

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