“My Grey Turtle”

Daisy so quiet

until shopping arrives

“the bags are mine”

you hear her cry

bark, bark “I get my way”


There within that bag

“it’s mine”

kick, kick the bag

who cares

“I want my toy

it’s mine alright”


Grey Turtle within

inside, oh no a squeak

such noise

Daisy tears the bag

and pulls her toy

in mouth and then she runs


Returns with Turtle

tightly in her mouth

one paw is lifted

as to say

“thank you”

then off she runs

Turtle still in mouth


Is she spoilt

just a little I say

she was a rescue

and at five months

already knew fear

so she is loved

and spoilt each day



Not my Daisy, but Lotte looks like her and Daisy definitely likes her Bed like Lotte.


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