How they forget so easily

newspaper headlines

say not a word

today and what it was

how easily forgotten


Men that fought bravely so

men who died

with their guts spilled out

men who died on both sides

they gave so much

yet we forget


Here in Britain

no mention made

of this day

a Day that saw

men from all around the World

who gave so much upon that day

the Sea was Red

yet we forget


The 6th of June

remember it

The D Day Landings

without of which

our Freedom given

at the cost

of these Brave Men


10 thoughts on ““D DAY LANDINGS”

    1. The same mistakes may be made again Cheryl but we should never forget, I remember, out of respect for all those Men and Women. Korea, Aden, the Suez Crisis even the Falklands, people say “where, what”. Well those people who gave their lives did so out of love for their Country or fear, but they gave their lives and it is not much to ask that we should teach the youngster about these Wars and what happened, it does not take much just a few minutes to remember on the Day those Men and Women that gave the most precious gift they could, their Lives.

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  1. The kids are fed fodder all the time, they are like brain dead the young ones now. Young children sat in front of TVs/games/PCs they don’t even know the Social Skills. What a World, sometimes I believe kids here, I suspect the numbers would shock us, don’t even believe 6 million Jews were murdered. We are of a generation Cheryl where we should remember, America’s Vietnam, before that Korea – how many of them are remembered. Just the same here how many remember Aden/Suez you don’t have to be born when they took place but we should know. Are all those still alive from Vietnam to be forgotten let alone all those kids that died. What a World we live in, sometimes think better off out of it.

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      1. It is indeed a very worrying thought. I know from Jonathan he is adamant he does not want Children, yet to watch him with them, he is brilliant, makes me sad. David said when he starts (late) they will be like rabbits! I will never see it I know that much.

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