“Pen To Paper”

Deep in thought

and the words are there

pen to paper as they flow

words of love

words of pleasure

words of us

together at last


Words are written

the feelings expressed

from the heart

and from the rest

how my body aches for you

there you sleep

How I want you so


In my eye your body lines

here on paper I try to write

how soft your skin

like baby new

your firm thighs tanned from the sun

your chest hard to the touch

with breasts that I love to kiss

your arms that fold around me

your lips that giveth kisses to me

your hair my fingers run through


There between you fine strong legs

your penis soft as you sleep

your balls I love to play with

do I write about this all

do I share the love we have


As I watch you sleep

now I can write

I can’t stop the words

truth or lies

what is best?







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