“Someone Knew”

As every day goes by

I seem to learn more and more

the older I get

the more I learn


Today one of my Sons

introduced to to new music

Stevie Ray Vaughn

new music to my ears


I knew it was good

when my feet

kept tapping the ground

now thats more CDs to buy

I don’t download

so CDs be it


But at least I have

discovered someone knew

though sadly

he is no more

died too young

but what a legacy he left





4 thoughts on ““Someone Knew”

    1. No.1 (as it was known) was a Fender Stratocaster combined of a ’62 neck and ’63 body (though the pickups were stamped ’59!) so it was a bit of a hodge-podge. Unusually, it had a left-hand tremolo system which Stevie said he found more playable. He also play .13-.58 strings. I’ve tried to using this gauge and it’s like playing cheese wire on the top and telegraph wire on the bottom! Either way, my fingers would bleed!

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