“There You Lay”

There you lay

asleep, so calm

I look at you

how can I not feel

you going through me

I love you so


A World without you

how could I ever imagine that

there you lay

sheet half way down your body

I watch you and feel you inside me


Yet I have to go

if I stayed I would destroy us

so I go

and remember what I did for us


I leave you this message

try and understand

I love you too much to stay

that’s why I have to leave




15 thoughts on ““There You Lay”

  1. I always liked Andy Williams – did you ever see him perform. His “Moon River ” at your Funeral that would be lovely. I am not having a Funeral as such just Cremation, just the Boys, that’s how it always has been been just the three of us. Jonathan is going to play his Guitar, and read Poems of Rods and a song or two of Rod’s and that’s it. Later to be scattered with my Daisy thea Cross Border Collie then scattered in Killarney.

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  2. You did not shock me. Hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I have been watching lately a film called “The Partisan” with the French Actor Vincent Cassel. There is a little girl in it, about 8yrs – she has no speaking part, but you do see her in quite a few scenes – she is the image of you I think. Everytime I see her I find myself saying “it’s Cheryl”. It’s a great film, if you get the chance to see it watch out for the little girl with the blond curly hair. Sure you were not acting when a child? Perhaps another life!

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