“Nana’s Secret Garden”

What an adventure

I knew in front of me

a young child on holiday

staying at Nana and Grandad’s

in West Cork with days

and days ahead of me


The “Jungle”

would be my first

port of call

through the Green Gate

and High walls that

surrounded me


Litlle Red and White Roses

flowing over walls

then the path ahead

with Red Hot Pokers

for me to see

Summer flowers

with sweet smells


That Garden was the world to me

lost in Heaven  and peace

until my Mother’s voice

would shout

“what’s the child up to now”

out I would have to come

arm pulled and leg slapped

not memories that were good of her


Nana’s garden she made herself

path made by her

all plants put in

Nana’s Secret Garden

I always loved


Now in my Garden

I have a Secret Garden

not as good as Nana’s

Roses and Red Hot Pokers

and all the rest I now see

and I think of Nana

and those memories







4 thoughts on ““Nana’s Secret Garden”

    1. She was so reserved (like my Father, she was his Mother in law but he loved her so). Nana knew nothing but hard work, married at 18 had two sets of Parents to look after and then the Babies came along, all Eight of them, one died a Baby. Nana never saw the Sea, so sad.


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