“No More Debate”

Wherever you look, at the Newspapers or the  TV people appear to be at each others throats, why?

If it is not here in my Country, England over the EU Referendum whether or not the UK will Remain in the EU or decide to come out.  It has become such an aggressive campaign some say on both sides, but I have to be brutally honest in saying that the most vicious attacks are coming from those that wish to Remain.  I say that as someone who not that long ago was for staying in the EU, I have changed my mind and I wish now to leave the  EU, you may ask why – I want to leave because I want this Country of mine to be able to control its own Borders.

I will no longer debate this issue with anyone, too much has been said, Friendships strained if not ruined, is it worth the loss of friendships, No of course it is not.  The Result is far too close to call and whoever wins we shall just have to accept the result and get on with it, whether or not we agree.

There are those out there who are even prepared to link the death of one of our MPs the other day, as a racist attack.  Until the Court Case no one knows the full truth, the man who murdered Jo Cox the MP,  I suspect he is mentally ill, but none of us know and it is disgraceful that her tragic death should be used in this way.  How low will some people go to even suggest such a thing.

So I withdraw now from debating this and await the results from when all UK Citizens who are Registered To Vote  will be announced.  I hope we will Leave the UK but whatever the decision I trust we can all stop talking about it.

Across the Water, in America they too are debating who will win the Presidency, will it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton assuming both will run.  Lies etc have been part of this campaign and undoubtedly arguments between US Citizens have erupted, their Newspapers/TV and all means of media are full of Trump and Clinton.

For me it is exciting, even more so as I will be in San Francisco in October, in November the people of America Vote.  Last time I was in America “Watergate” took place, so maybe this October I will be witnessing some exciting events.

Just remember Friendships are worth a lot more than any Political arguments.






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