“Love Dies?”

Once in love

always making love

hands that loved our bodies

tongues that searched each other

lips that kissed as we touched

you so deep inside me

I wanted you then as now

I wanted us to always be like that


How I loved you so

every night

we rolled and rolled

but look at us now

no talk

no body contact


Your back to me

and mine to yours

not one word do we utter

now in nightgown

once I had none

your hands no longer touch me


We never talk in our bed

we barely look to each other

where and when

but mostly how

we are now not as one


You’d sit and watch me in that chair

sometimes you would draw me

as I lay naked on our bed

we had made love and felt so good

now we can barely pass each other


So love dies you say

but won’t walk out on me

this is all there is

but deep down I love you

sometimes I quickly catch your look

your eyes say more than you

so where do we go from here






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