“Womens Work”

Women’s work is never done and never a truer word is spoken.  Ask a Man for help and you end up doing the work yourself.  It will be 22 years this Christmas since my Husband died and as I was 30 years younger than him, our two Sons were only young when their Father died.

I won’t deny it’s been tough at times keeping the house going, it was a pleasure bringing my our Sons up they never caused me any real problems.  We worked together throughout the years since their Father died and I like to think we are more like Friends than Mother and Sons, we have out spats (I have Irish blood only in my veins and an Irish temper to go along with it, but I do forget very easily) and we have our laughs, more than I ever had when  I was growing up myself or my Sons had growing up.

It has not been easy for the Boys as their Grandmother and spinster Aunt have lived in the house as well, rows would erupt every Easter and go on until about October, peace would rein than immediately after Christmas my Mother would start again.  So my Sons you could say have not had the Childhood I wished for them.

We are fortunate in that we do have a large House and the Boys have their privacy, we generally meet up for Dinner which is getting later and later of an evening, especially now since the Football is on.  I should not refer to them as Boys as they are Men, although looking at them they are still my Boys, and spoilt I think.

That’s why I say a Woman’s work is never done.  Unfortunately, I have severe spinal problems which this year has shown me I am not able to do certain things I used to do and that upsets me immensely.  Like this morning, I managed to clean out one of the drains two weeks ago, but I still think there maybe a problem.  I knew this morning I just could not do it again and asked my eldest Son to help, no problem he was all prepared to do it, until he was asking questions about the job and I knew I would have to drop what I was doing and go to him, which I did.

He managed to do what I wanted, but it was only after he finished and went into wash up, I noticed why there was no pressure in the hose he used, I thought it was the Washing Machine which I know can do that, it was only after I decided to wash down the roof of the Conservatory did I look at the garden tap and my Son did not have it on fully.

More and more I am asking for help to do certain jobs and I hate that for me that is giving into the pain and I don’t want to “not be me”.  When my Son after cleaning himself up came to the Garden to see what I was doing I was cleaning all the Bird Baths and I got “I’ll do that for you, you should not be doing that”, I snapped at him “for God’s sake don’t turn me into an invalid”, he looked upset and it was wrong of me, but I hate being beaten

Women’s work never done, yet I need help, but don’t want to admit to defeat.  Then there is the problem that when a man has done a job in the house or garden, it is never quite what you want.  Me, too old fashioned I was brought up to women doing all the house work when I married my late Husband told me I had to give up my job and be a Housewife.  A week after I married I started hoovering etc and  Forty One years later it is still the same.  Although I must admit a big “thank you to Cheryl and Linda over the Pond” who told me they never ironed, well I ironed everything, but I only do bedding ironing now, so that has helped, thank you Girls.




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