“Argumentative Individuals”

Causing arguments

that’s people for you

some are never happy

unless they stir it up


Perhaps they love

the sound of their voice

perhaps its the words they write

perhaps they are

too obsessed with themselves


There are some

particularly those

who voted

whether UK stay

in Europe or not

who with sour grapes

argue and argue

and even try to belittle

those who voted

in a different way


They need to pick up

the toys they threw out

of the playpen

and put them right back in








10 thoughts on ““Argumentative Individuals”

  1. I think your referendum vote has been far too emotionally charged like our upcoming elections. People don’t make good choices when they’re acting out of their emotions — no matter which side of the fence they’re on. Politics take a cool head and logical reasoning. But throw someone in the mix who can get everyone p*ssed off, and you ignite a sh*tstorm that people will later regret. I think that’s what happened there, and it’s gonna happen here, too. Scares the crap out of me. I’m praying folks here are watching your difficulties now and taking them to heart.

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    1. I agree the whole thing for some has been emotional but disagree that one can make the wrong decision and still be emotional. The “Leave” voters have waited for 41years to reverse the decision made at that time. I voted NO all those years ago but did not carry on like the “Remain” people absolutely disgraceful. The votes were counted the decisions made democratically, yet “Remain” refused to accept that, people like me are told my decision was wrong – how dare they. That’s not being emotional. Why should you think people will regret their decision, I suspect you mean the “Leave” people, you are wrong. This Town I live in 75% yes 75% Voted “Leave” what does that tell you. We no longer want the stupidity of the EU telling us we can only have straight cucumbers etc – money wasted on nonsense like that. Telling us Prisoners have the right to Vote – no they don’t, all the ridiculous rules the EU came out with, not to say all the money it cost us. Paying Ireland so they did not go under, but fine to make Greece the scapegoat. If you regard me as emotional that’s fine too like others. I stand up for my Country, I am not trying to tear my Country apart. I made the right decision as did others, its only the sour grapes of “Remain” who need to get their acts together and stand by their Country. I always believed in fair play, I can understand the youngsters being the way they are, but the older generation to behave in such a manner is dreadful.

      If by chance, and I suspect it will happen, Trump is elected that is America’s choice -you have had bad Presidents in the past, you have had good Presidents you kicked out. The World is not the World we remember as when growing up Cheryl – it is an extremely dangerous World, which is not helped by individuals who refuse to accept democratically chosen decisions. We did not need Europe as much as they need us. Watch it crumble now. Countries were waiting for us to stand up and be counted, now they will go. Apologies for this being so long, but it is a bit more complicated.

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    1. I don’t live in a Republic Cheryl – we have a Queen until there is no Queen or King we cannot be a Republic. We are a Democracy and that is what the “Remain” people are trying to destroy. Too many lives have been lost in Wars to say we are not a democracy. What were those lives sacrificed for, I won’t disrespect those Men that gave their lives so we would be Free – Free to Vote and in doing so not to have people come along and say “I don’t like the result so I want another vote” where does that end can those of use then challenge the lot that will not accept what happens Thursday, can we then demand another Vote – too stupid for words. First past the Post is the Winner, I trust you will all have more sense in America.

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      1. Anna, again my lack of understanding of the true difference of one vs. the other is great. The one thing I do know is that I REALLY dislike all the confrontation. It makes me uncomfortable and I don’t wish to get caught up in it. In an effort to make intelligent comments on blogs I find I’m really lacking. So I won’t be commenting about it any more.

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  2. I don’t know what confrontation you are referring to. I have kept out of conversations that two other people have been having if that is what you are referring to. I don’t like the way that legal votes have been turned into illegal votes by a group, I am sure if the same happened in the States you would feel the same. I don’t like any forms of confrontations Cheryl I have had suffered enough from Childhood.

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    1. I simply feel I can’t post comments to either your blog or Opher’s without worrying about getting caught up in the heated discussions that have been going on. So I won’t. You’re my friends and I love you both.

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