“Stand By Him”

When Jeremy Corbyn decided to run for Leader of the Britain’s Labour Party, I decided to return to the Labour Party.  I had been a Member of the Party many years ago but when Tony “Blood on my hands” Blair was not only Leader but Prime Minister of Britain I decided to leave.  Blair took us to War, a War that was not necessary and the consequences we are now suffering.

Jeremy Corbin is Left wing of the Party and an honourable man in his own way.  Those who have now turned on Jeremy Corbyn and blamed him  for losing the Vote to remain in Europe shows the mentality of the people who have done so.

Jeremy Corbyn is not to blame because the majority of the People of the UK decided finally they wanted to Leave Europe.  Have these pathetic small  minded people who have now turned on Jeremy Corbyn nothing else to say.  They have turned on Family, Friends, acquaintances no doubt who Voted Leave, these people are dividing the Country even more. Now they have blamed Jeremy Corbyn, even more hypocritical of those who are not even members of the Labour Party.

When one has defended Jeremy Corbyn so much to then turn on the man, criticise him so much, shows just how insincere that individual is.  There is a saying “you don’t kick him when he is down”.  Stand by your chosen Party, stand by the Leader of the Party, if you don’t just shows to others what a shallow person you are.

I like Jeremy Corbyn, don’t always agree with all  he says.  I will not turn on the man, he is not to be blamed for the Remain Party losing out.  I will stand by him, and I voted to Leave the EU.  Those that now blame Jeremy Corbyn for the UK deciding they want Out of the EU, they are vindictive and shallow and do not deserve to be in the Party.




3 thoughts on ““Stand By Him”

  1. I like him too, you know I do, but you cannot tell me that he figured at all in the campaign? He was poor with the media and had no spark of passion or argument. He was not a leader. He did not put forward the argument or make the case. He has to go. He was useless at performing on that stage.
    And if these comments are aimed at me then you are wrong. I am not insincere and neither am I vindictive. I still like him and what he said but I judge his weak performance and impact. Under him Labour will shrivel because he does not seem able to connect with public or media.
    The principles and philosophy of outward thinking, peace, tolerance love and unity are what I have always stood for. They are what I fight for, write for and have always said.
    I respect those who voted out on their principles even if I don’t agree with them.
    In terms of standing up for principles it isn’t about winning or losing; it is about standing up for what you believe.

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    1. It is all you, you, you. I did not Vote Remain yet I stand behind Jeremy Corbyn, maybe I am too loyal and don’t believe stabbing someone in the back. You respect those who voted out etc, you don’t respect those like me. You are telling me and all the others that voted out it is not legal and that you want it reversed. What is wrong with you, it is the same old lecture every time, thought better of you.


    2. I have just re read you comments, why do you presume that the above written by me refers to you, there are more people than you who have turned their back on Corbyn – try members of his own Shadow Cabinet. Has everything got to be about you?


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