“Dreams, Do Come True”

When life doesn’t work out

the way that you planned

as much as you want

you can’t turn

that clock back


You arrive on this earth

wanted or not

you are there

growing up fast

you hit your teenage years


Nothing is as you want it to be

but hey “I have all those years ahead”

you plan for your own flat

a job and all

the job well yes, flat not yet

still you have time all those years to go


You are suddenly an adult

with all those dreams still intact

not today or tomorrow

but one day you will see

everything I plan

will come true


Suddenly you are Married

and more responsibilities

Children come along

then Widowhood

now you have to start

to help them grow up on your own


Babies are great such fun they are

toddlers come along and you are chasing them

suddenly they start school, your tears

don’t let them see, but they cry too

they grow and are good all you have taught them

the dreams you never fulfilled

you hope they will see theirs come true


Then one day you see in front of you

two grown men who want to look after you

dreams you had all those years ago

never really came true

but two Sons make one be fulfilled

your dream of San Francisco

that my Sons will send me to

See Dreams Do Come True




Rod McKuen and San Francisco – Where he started his Career.   In “The Purple Onion” Club he would recite his Poetry alongside people like Jack Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg.



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