“England and European Championship”

Do I cut the grass

on my front Lawn

or do I watch the

European Championship


England play Iceland

and I am English

tension rises

I must watch


But perhaps the strain

is far too much

my fingernails

I would bite

and then  I would shout


Can I bear to watch

this football match

Cheer on England

Harry Kane

and the rest of the lot


Decision, decision

my Sons shout down

“the match is on”

can I stand to watch

this football match

or do I venture out

to cut the lawn?





2 thoughts on ““England and European Championship”

    1. Yes I should have, Harry Kane worked hard, as for that useless moron goalkeeper perhaps if he stopped worrying about his bloody dandruff and his shampoo ad and concentrated on not letting goals through we could have won. They are out, accept it, or perhaps we can demand another match what do you think Opher. After all you can’t seem to simply watch a game of football without dragging the EU “sour grapes” into it.


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