“Don’t Do It”

Put your trust in someone

be careful that you do

be honest and oh so truthful

but you will regret that you do




10 thoughts on ““Don’t Do It”

  1. Have you thought that having risked so much and being hurt time after time, you have to stop risking getting hurt again even to the point of not being loved. How much pain do you think one person can take.

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    1. Well, I kind of figure if Jesus could keep putting it out there, then that’s the best way to go about life. Yes, I do get hurt a lot. But I refuse to stop trying to embrace others. I’m bull-headed that way!


      1. One gets bruised it takes time to get over the bruises, you have to learn again to trust. It depends on what rejections one has had, they cut deep, you just never know when it will occur again. Words are easy unless you have been so treated. You are not talking about strangers, that is easy to “stretch one’s hand out”.

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