“The Bay”

As she looked out towards the Bay

She thought of him

And the rumours

That had come her way


Surely not she thought

They cannot be true

Just knowing how much he loved her

Lies just lies

I won’t hear anymore


People passed her by

A Summer evening by the Bay

In the distance she saw Him

Love and tears welled up inside her


Now the seed of doubt was there

But she loved him

Why should she care

What others said

He was here and kissed her lips

She was in Love with Him

As they looked across the Bay



A Lady who looked for Love so much in her life, did she ever find true happiness?  Ella Fitzgerald and that remarkable voice.





2 thoughts on ““The Bay”

  1. Loved her. Loved Mahalia Jackson, too. Mahalia’s grandson Calvin was my brother’s best friend in junior high and high school. My brother got into drugs, Calvin became a pastor. He died November 15, 2012.


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