“Beyond The Mountains”

As She wandered through her Gardens

Her mind turned to Him

Would he see her as promised

Risk the wrath of her Father

Or turn and walk away


The pathway she walked upon

Brushing against the Roses

Scent of Roses she would capture

As Petals fell away


She tried so hard to forget him

So she told herself every day

But in truth she Loved him

On her mind he stayed


There was her Father

From his Bedroom Balcony

In his wheelchair he watched

The Daughter he loved

And would never give away

He would not let her escape his home

No Man would take her away


She walked past Eucalyptus Trees

In the distance there He was

He had kept his promise

Despite her Father

He had told her he loved her

And would take her away


Through the Trees

Red and White Rhododendrons

Lay the Mountains

Beyond she would be free



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