So yet again Slaughter  has occurred in France, this time on The Promenade de  Anglais in Nice, on Thursday July 14 “Bastille Day”.  Whilst Men, Women and Children enjoyed the evening, enjoyed the display of Fireworks, all laughing happy little did they know Terrorists had determined that over 84 of them would soon be dead in the most horrific ways and well over 100 would be injured.


A large lorry drove straight into these innocent people and Children.  Ten Children,  Men, Women lay dead their bodies mangled, how many injured, how many Children lost?  Terrorism came again to the streets of France.  How many months ago did we weep for France when Paris suffered so terribly.


ISIS have claimed responsibility for this atrocious attack on innocents.  How much more will France have to suffer, how much more does the Western World have to suffer bloody attacks from these Barbaric Terrorists.  When President Hollande arrived in Nice, I wondered why he was being booed, and then I learn that the truth is being withheld from the People of France and the rest of us.  That the attack in Paris was more barbaric than anyone could ever imagine.  When Two Policemen gave evidence of what they saw, what they had to deal with when they entered the second floor of “The Bataclan Club” has been withheld from the public.  Why?


Why, because I do not believe the French People would stand by and do nothing.  What did the two Policemen see, they saw this  –  GRAPHIC EXPLANATION.

The innocent Men that lay dead on the second floor of “The Bataclan Club” had their Testicals cut off and put in their mouths.  The Women had been cut open in their Virgina  and severely slashed.  The Policemen stated that they had seen many horrific events but never ever anything like they witnessed and they vomited when the left those rooms.  The Families have not been allowed to see their loved ones.  One woman who had to identify her Son who had died in the Club could only see her Son as he was laid out on his side, she could see a very large hematoma on the side of his head but she was not allowed to see the other side of her Son, WHY?  Now I know why the Families are preparing to sue the French Government over what happened on the Streets of Paris that night.  This is what these Terrorists believe in, Western Men and Women, means Nothing to them, this is what they claim they are taught to do.  Germany and Angela Merkel who said “ALL WELCOME” she unleashed these people upon us, we are expected to live amongst these people?  Now I know they are not all guilty but how are we to determine who the Terrorist amongst us is.

Women mean nothing to these People who commit such atrocities, Women are no more than objects to abuse, have sex with.


I live in a quiet, attractive Seaside Town in Essex in England, we have a just a few, if even that Muslims living here.  Why is an “Educational Centre” needed here for them, a Haven for the Woman and Children.  Is it used, maybe but I doubt for those reasons.  We have have High Unemployment here, it is a dumping ground for the Drug Addicts and former Prisoners from London.  We have a lot of people from London who have made profits on their homes and want to get out of London because of all the Muslims that have moved in.  They can buy Large Expensive Properties here, that they could never afford in London.  Disenchanted young Men with No Money, No Jobs, Nothing to do – these are the type of people that Centres as we have welcome these people and so many are Radicalized.  We all have a problem.



Now Nice, more innocents butchered, more questions to be answered.  Will more truths be hidden, the Families deserve the truth.  Where next in France, has not poor France and its people suffered enough.


We here in the UK know that we could be possibly next, the Securities Forces have discovered and stopped Terrorist attacks.  Yet We can be the next Victims, America can be the next Victims/Germany/Holland/Belgium again and the names of the Countries to be attacked goes on and on.  How can we stop it all, when will we stop it all.  Time the People stood up and take action – what action I don’t know, but what I do know is these Terrorists must be stopped by ANY means that it will take.  If that means the public take their own actions to stop Terrorists living amongst us then we have to.


45 Seconds it took to kill all those Innocents in Nice, can we allow this to go on, NO.  Why was traffic allowed on that Promenade knowing that it would be crowded with people and stalls, questions must be answered and the truth given to the people of France.    We have had a change of Government here in the UK, and I know that we are very lucky to have Theresa May as our new Prime Minister I have every confidence in the Lady, not because she is a woman but because she is a strong and determined individual, a Woman she may be, a Determined Lady she most certainly is.  America faces their Presidential Election, who will be the people’s choice?   Whoever it may be Clinton or Trump, I hope their choice will be correct and  we will see America Strong once more.





    1. I prefer to believe the testimony by two French Policemen to an Inquest still going on rather than some site or newspaper going around. The Powers that be do not tell us the truth. It was denied here that the Soldier who was murdered on our Streets a few years ago now, his head was nearly severed, but the two women were the first to help the Soldier saw and knew different. One Lady mysteriously was later taken elsewhere.


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