“Don’t Get Caught”

Love they say

Marriage they say

And then what

Ignored, not loved

Cold outside and in

One, two slaps

“Well you deserved what you got”

A Backhander, left you bruised

“Your fault, not mine” you hear

Marriage oh it did survive

Love, Marriage, Love, Marriage


Love, not hate

But trying to understand

Why so cold

Did he have a secret side to him?

What did I do wrong?

I ask as the years roll on and on

Rack your brain

You are under control


Keep the home

You cannot work or have friends

“Not that music” you hear Him say

This is what you listen to

You learn to care

Love and Marriage


No Children he tells you

After the Ring is placed

But Children was part of it all

I made clear from the start

He allows you two, but no more

Advises you on their Birth

“You have your Sons to look after you now”

Marriage, Love, or other way round


The years roll on

Despite it all you stay

Where would you go

Two Boys to care

Death comes in its own cruel way

You cry and love and care and pray

And hold him as He Dies

Love and Marriage


Thirty years older He was than you

A youngish Widow left alone

Two Boys to love and share

16 years go by still grieving so

Suddenly you hear

The truth of why he did not care

Another Woman, older than you

“For God’s sake why” you cry

Yet deep inside you always knew

But pretended not to

Marriage, Love or other way round


Suddenly all the guilt you felt

All the Love you felt has GONE

What now, my youth has disappeared

Health deteriorates

I have my Sons

Yet deep down

Anger within that there were Men I turned down

Foolishly believing I was Loved

No the truth is I  was used

Believing Love, No Love

Love and Marriage

Don’t get caught





8 thoughts on ““Don’t Get Caught”

      1. I was wondering if what he really wanted was a CARETAKER. And who better to have do that than someone who doted on him. He likely knew that even when the going got rough for you, you’d stay the course and do what you had to. That REALLY made you a target!


      2. Too true, where could I go Cheryl, I was stuck besides I had the Boys. What really hurt was 16 years later still missing him and I found out the truth where he was of an evening – instantly I felt nothing for him and bitterness that all my young years were gone for what? (taking the Boys out of the scene)


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