“How I Love You”

Love you, love you, love you

Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss

I can’t say it anymore times

Or keep on kissing you

I love the way you look

The way you walk

How excited you get

When you see me

How I love you

My “Daisy”

One Rescue Dog

Half Lurcher, half Alsatian

Full of excitement




9 thoughts on ““How I Love You”

    1. Daisy is still washed out and sleeping a lot. Very HOT here, like Spain/Portugal, not much air and yet we are five/ten minutes walk from the Sea, no breezes. All windows/doors open makes no difference.

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      1. Stupidly I though Mountain Air lovely and fresh, but I can see now how it must hold it in as you say. Sea, 5/10mins walk from us, fresh air, yet on a Saturday sometimes the smell of burgers drifts this way (from those awful things called Pier).

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