In this World

We all struggle to survive

Life is a challenge

Each Day we admit or not


No one cares for man or beast

Talk and talk of what is done

What should be done

But is it done


Nature, what nature

We all are guilty

Of destroying it all

Where do the creatures go

To feed to hide

We take their homes

Without a thought


We the people

Think we know it all

This World we occupy

And argue for

Violence wherever we look

Others Countries shoot, kill, shoot, kill

Even the Country of our birth

No one is safe but we have to live

We must survive this harsh World

That we create that we talk and talk about


Be nice, don’t be nice

“Fuck them all”

That’s what we hear

Use each other, don’t be kind

What a World that we have made

Power and greed

And stupidity


Oh this World

That we must occupy

For goodness sake

Can’t we all just try and survive

Stop the violence, hatred and lies


Perhaps Not your Son, Husband

Or Loved one, nor mine

Will die head blown off

Or no remains

We thank Christ ours are safe

Someones loved one died tonight

One, perhaps Two Minutes Silence

“Well that will suffice”

How soon we all

Forget their Sacrifice

Or those that survive

Veterans who fought so hard

Come home to what

Forgotten for their sacrifice


Korea,Vietnam, Falklands

The Gulf the list goes on

Forgotten Wars, right?

Those that died why?

“Our Freedom” they shout and cry

This World Our World

Stop, Stop

Think of Peace

Stop destroying this World

One day soon enough we will be gone

The Legacy we leave

A World not fit to inherit

Truth or Lie?









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