“Come November”

They said He could not do it

But He did

They said no one would listen

But they did

He is determined

He may be right

He may be wrong

Come November

The People will speak

Then they will see

Who was wrong

“Mr President”

Donald Trump?






13 thoughts on ““Come November”

    1. Thanks poppet, I asked my youngest Son to put a bet on him from the start for me, he did not, I could perhaps have made some money. I have to be honest I don’t like or trust Clinton, but then it is not my Country. Like here in the UK the People spoke up and voted out of the EU, I feel the same in America the ordinary man/woman speaking up they don’t want the Politicians anymore.

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      1. It’s been an interesting political cycle so far Anna..far from boring that’s for sure……I Am Not a Clinton supporter…her idea that she’s entitled to be our President and is above the law sickens me……….

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      2. I love the Conventions, watch CNN. Totally agree with you Linda, Clinton gives the impression it is her right to be President, well it is not. She is appalling for the way she has treated the Families of the US Embassy murders, Benghazi was it. I may offend you saying this, I know Utah would not vote for Trump but I think he will do a good job. All this negativity about him, at the end of the day its the People who will choose and like here so many so fed up of the well paid Politicians. After all Eisenhower was not a Politician and reading of him he did a good job and they were good times. Here in the UK and Europe of course we look to America to be strong and to have a strong President, your last 8 years has shown the opposite. For me it would be so lovely to see a Strong President, a Man that would make the World listen show that again America is strong. Yesterday there were riots in Hyde Park and one Policeman was stabbed by group called “Black Lives Matter” Obama should not have endorsed them by inviting them to The White House. Your Police have difficult jobs to do, and I am so terribly sorry for what has happened.

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      3. It is sad to see America in such a state, we are so used to you being so strong, we look to America as a good close Friend and I have to say Linda that I feel Obama has set back the Civil Rights Movement – Martin Luther King gave his Life for Freedom look now what is happening. The choice for you, well it is not the choice many people want, but they will have to put to one side their personal feelings I believe on Trump and give him a chance – Clinton I certainly would not trust her, she let Americans die and called the Mother of the IT lad that died in your Embassy a Liar, wow what a right bitch. Voting for her is voting for the same old Obama four years. We are in a mess here we really only have one Party that is the Conservatives, Labour are tearing each other apart. I am a Socialist but will vote Conservative can’t vote Labour.

        Forgive me but I honestly feel that the hard working Americans deserve better than what they have had for 8 years – the Obamas will go on for more great wealth when they are OUT, probably chat show for her set up by Oprah. I sincerely hope America will once again be Great, pity we can’t turn the clock back.

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  1. I’m just sick over this whole election. What does one do when there are no viable candidates? I’ve been listening to the convention the last couple days. I can’t believe the things I’m hearing. It is more like a Hitler rally than a republican convention. And I’m guessing the democratic convention will be the same.

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    1. You don’t honestly mean that about a “Hitler Rally”, that was something else! I have been watching the Republican Convention every night/morning it is your decision how to Vote and I agree it is so difficult for you over there. It is so sad to see the way America is, you arer are a Good Friend of the UK and perhaps I should not say this but the UK/ Europe and the rest of the World come to that, look to America for its strength it is no longer there. People in general have had enough of Politicians and want something different. They want THEIR voices to be heard for once, they want their Country back, they want to feel Safe once more, they want respect for the Veterans and that has all gone under this present administration it would seem. Trump obviously is not “clean” no one makes millions/billions without tricks, Branson here and others like him are not clean.

      We have the same situation here one Party to vote for, I am a Socialist, I like Jeremy Corbyn and stand by him to be Leader, members like me voted him in and Blair and scum have no right to dispose of Corbyn. Saying that I cannot vote in a General Election for Labour, as the Party is really finished, so I am left with the Conservatives. I admit I like Theresa May and so far she is brilliant. Trump or Clinton, voting Clinton is voting for the same last 8 years, my opinion for what it is worth I don’t like the woman, she is a crook should be inside, gave no thought for the Families of the Four Men she let die in your Embassy in Benghazi, she will cause immense trouble in the Middle East, but you are the one voting and it is so difficult for you all. I so would love to see America strong again, the Country we all look to – it is so sad, the poor Policemen their jobs are hard enough. So much damage done to America – I wish you luck in your decision. Safe to say the Democratic Convention I will not be watching that one.

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      1. When someone speaking on behalf of the republican convention stands up and says the opponent is evil, a worshiper of Satan, and needs to be executed, yes, it’s just the same sentiment that ran through the Hitler rallies. (That was Ben Carson, btw, former presidential hopeful!) Add to that the idea they’ve put forth of rounding up the Muslims, and I see no difference whatsoever. This country is going to hell in a hand basket no matter which of these asses get elected. But Trump is the more dangerous of the two because his “fans” are so rabid.

        Utah has always been a republican state because the Mormon church feels their values are closely aligned with the church’s. But this year they were going to jump ship and declare for the democrats. When word of that got out at the convention, the chairman of the committee from Utah was verbally attacked in the bathroom at the convention center. When the votes were cast, Utah voted for Trump. That was coercion, plain and simple. And a candidate (or his followers) who would stoop to those kinds of tactics deserves to be kicked off the ballot. The dumb ass told Ted Cruze if he ran with him he’d let Cruze run the country. HE just wanted to be the figure head, the KING. What a bunch of bullshit.

        When Trump’s leading strategist hear about it he said: “I think I have a pretty good sense of what’s going on in this convention, but I haven’t gone in to the bathrooms yet,” Manafort told reporters.


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      2. Cheryl, calm down it won’t do you any good. If you hate Trump that much don’t vote for him – if you prefer Clinton, fine then vote for her she is power mad, she believes she has a right to be President then let her and see what a bloody mess America will be then just four more years of the same s..t the last 8 have been for America. It is not my Country and I have no vote obviously but I would prefer not to vote if I did not want Trump – Clinton will cause immense damage further the war in the middle east – you have a problem now re Veterans as we do, wait until Clinton then to put it bluntly “watch the body bags come back”. America is looking so sad so much damage has been done to her, we need America and we need you to be strong. People have had enough I have watched all the coverage from the very beginning, CNN, and the People will speak they don’t want Politicians. There is Political upheaval in Europe, take a look at France, Germany is waiting to explode next time their women are raped or attacked wait and see what happens. You can’t call all Trump’s fans rabid, that’s wrong. The biggest problem we in the Western World are facing is obvious, its Terrorism and the Terrorists that live AMONGST us the Enemy is here in England, in France as we have seen so much, in Germany, in America you name it, we don’t have to go to Syria for them they are here right here amongst us that should be the biggest concern and what do you think Clinton will do about it…….


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