Two, Four, Five

Watch the Clock

Until it says Five

Now I can sleep



6 thoughts on ““Sleep”

    1. I wish I was like you Linda, early bed early rise. I did have some luck a few nights but it is back to watching the clock, as soon as I see light outside the windows I know it’s 4am nearly 5am then I can go to bed to sleep. Annoys and upsets me so much when I wake in the mornings now going on 9am and I have missed so much.

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      1. That’s what really annoys me Linda, the fact when I wake or sometimes I am completely out my eldest Son wakes me, I am furious with myself that the best part of the day has gone and because of my spine problems it takes me ages to get going so the day is just lost to me. Do you know I sleep with the alarm clock under my pillow set to 6am, I don’t wake of course as I have only been in bed an hour.


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