“Butcher’s Boy”

The usual Friday

After Mass

My Mother, me

In the Butcher’s Shop


I still remember the Butcher’s Boy

Coyly I would look at him

He would always smile at me

Shy too shy was I

No experience of Friends or Boys


He spoke, the Butcher’s Boy

On this Friday, after Mass

And my Mother looked at me

“May I take Anna to the Cinema”

He asked

My Heart thumped,  at the thought of He


I was 16, I think he was 18

And then my Mother spoke

“Certainly not, she is too young”

I tried not to cry

Inside I called her a Cow

She controlled me oh that I knew

But right now I had no words to say


Months later I bumped into

The Butcher’s Boy, he smiled

I was on my way to College

He was with a fair haired girl like me

He stopped and asked how I was

The Butcher’s Boy

I still remember

And the date that never was





14 thoughts on ““Butcher’s Boy”

  1. Oh how I love this!….I can imagine the scene. And 16 was definitely not too young to go to the cinema with a boy…..just a little curious though…..would you have asked permission from your mother,if the butcher’s boy had asked you out to the cinema personally or would you have found a way of going without your mother’s knowledge?……:)

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    1. I am so pleased you like it. I would have been too scared to have not asked my Mother, at the time I believed she was caring and loving when you know nothing else you think it is normal. She controlled me with the Catholic Faith, she controlled me because deep down I feared her, would never have admitted that though. I think that is why I married someone 30 years older than me, desperate to have a home of my own. I would have loved a flat of my own but the only way of my own home was as I said Marriage, even then she found it all wrong. I worked in London, Holborn, but was not allowed to travel without my sister as escort halfway, not even allowed to go shopping on a Saturday without my sister (4 years older than me) with me. Perhaps I should not say this, (my problem is I am too honest), I became free of my Mother and all she was when She Died, and that was some ten years after my Husband died.

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    1. Thank you, but what I did not say is (it is all rather complicated), when my late Husband purchased this House by the Sea, my Mother and spinster sister got my Husband to let them move in too, my Mother sold the house I was brought up in, that when she died half was to go to my sister the other half to me, my Mother gave it all to my sister , I was not allowed my say. My mother/sister lived in this house (it’s 5 beds/5 reception so it is big enough thank God) from the week they moved in it was rows and rows. My mother died but I am still stuck with my sister, long story. House is big enough for me to avoid her but doesn’t stop her from trying to cause problems. I am due to go to San Francisco this October first time ever on my own totally going anywhere, but at the present time Drs are querying my health , I am just keeping fingers crossed. You take care too, I am so pleased to talk to you any time.

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  2. Going to San Francisco would not only be great, but also a time for you to finally get to know your true self outside the influence of others….and soon a time will come when you no longer have to avoid your sister because you will be too busy living your own life….:)

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