All those years ago

Twenty Two this Christmas

How quickly it has gone

I have tried not to remember

How you lied and lied


I grieved for sixteen

Of those years

What a fool was I

I knew indeed I knew

But preferred to bury the truth

Fool that I was

When it stared me in the face


You wereThirty years older than I

I could never believe

Another Woman older

Than me

Was your preference not I


Always my imagination you told me

Every Time I asked for truth

“Your imagination”

Do you know what that

Did to me inside


I did my best

But not enough

She the opposite of me

Where was I, at home of course

“My imagination”


Well Twenty two years have passed

Since you Died

Your Sons

My Sons

They know the truth

They lived the lies

I do forget the lies

“My imagination”


But something happens

And takes me back

To the bad memories

Of you and I






4 thoughts on ““Imagination”

    1. Thank you Linda, read what you put and listened to the song straight away, so very true. I hope to find “the real me” in SF, I need to find the real me, I have been someone else for far too long for others. Does that make sense.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Anna…I hope SF can be of some help to you in your journey to finding yourself…but the only place you need to look is within..she’s inside of you, she always has been…waiting for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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