“A War Against Christians”

So it continues, the horror, the violence the hatred there is no end.  How many times have we heard Francois Hollande say “France is at War with Daesh” – ISIS as so many of us know this terrorist group to be called.

I think perhaps what should be said is this is a War by ISIS against the Christian World, why not be honest and say it but far too many are afraid to say so in  case they are called Racists.

An 86 year old Catholic Priest, Fr Jacques Hamel whilst saying Mass in a small Town in Saint Etienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy is made to kneel by two terrorists who entered the Church through the back doors, these two terrorists then Cut The Throat of The Priest, Fr Jacques Hamel.   As horrific and barbaric that was, they filmed what they did.  A Nun who had been assisting Fr Jacques Hamel had her throat cut too she has survived but for how long.

While the World is shocked what are the leaders of the Western World, the Christian World going to do, come out with the same old platitudes.  What is going to be done about all those immigrants that were allowed in, welcomed by Angela Merkel.  Germany has suffered too, just today a Doctor was shot dead in Germany.

The Authorities lie, they don’t tell us all the truths, they hold back so much as to these events, fair enough if they claim security.  But we frequently hear some of these attackers are Loners – are all Loners to be dubbed “odd/weird etc”, come on tell the truth.  The People have the right to know the exact truths, let us judge.

So Fr Jacques Hamel is slaughtered on his Altar but these Terrorists, the Enemies that are within.  When will people realize you do not have to go to them to fight, the Enemies are our neighbours.  They have now declared War against the Christian World, you do not have to be a Christian you just have to be someone who wants to keep your way of life not have the Terrorists force their way of life on us.

One thing is sure God stood alongside Fr Jacques Hamel  and He went to Heaven  – where did the Terrorists go?  The same place where all those who advocate their violence should go.

The whole of Europe, the World must Wake Up and take action against all these Terrorists, these people are radicalised in our own neighbourhoods, we must stop them.






3 thoughts on ““A War Against Christians”

  1. …the Enemies are our neighbours… I don’t buy into that. That’s what Donald Trump is pedaling. More than anything he wants to pit neighbor against neighbor. That is fear mongering from within. We ALL need to band together no matter what race, religion, or gender we are. Until we can do that, we CAN’T identify who the terrorists are. Are there some in our midst? Yes, I do believe that, but you can’t live your life scared of everyone just because they’re a little different. THAT is exactly what Trump and ISIS want. And I lump them in the same category.

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    1. Your words are just that words, where is your solution? The Terrorist that cut the head of the Priest lived around the corner from the Church, how nearer do you want the terrorist to be before it is accepted that they are amongst us. I do not need Trump to tell me how to think, I am quite capable of making my own mind up. Whoever you vote for that is your choice. Clinton, oh yes Clinton she will solve it all, she will cause even more damage. All very well Peace/Love, nice words but that is all they are WORDS. Are you suggesting I can’t live my life “scared of everyone just because they’re a little different”, I am lost for words that you could make such a statement. ISIS is here and they have to be dealt with. Ask the troops that fight them, ask the Families that have lost loved ones, ask the Victims that have survived.


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