“Every Day”

There they are

Surrounding me

One by One

They chatter away


I know any minute now

One will come near

Not frightened

Just trusting their luck

As I stand here


Nearly finished

The job I undertake

Each day, every day

I’ll be there


I look around

Just like a scene

From Hitchcock’s

“The Birds”

But  they are all here

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6 thoughts on ““Every Day”

  1. I’ve been scared of black birds ever since I saw that movie! And we get a million crows in our neighborhood. There’s been more than once I’ve been nervous about walking out to the car because they’re all over the lawn!

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    1. Crows can and will attack. When Jonathan was a baby in his Pram one morning, despite netting over pram – a Crow thought he would have a go. Had it not been for my Rhodesian Ridgeback Tara barking and barking and alerting me, who knows! That is scary all over your front Lawn, do be very careful.

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